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  1. Awol4Sho

    Spring in ATS??

    UPDATE: Thank You SOOO MUCH TMP, for also including ATS in the summer mods! It truly adds something to my gaming experience.
  2. Awol4Sho

    Spring in ATS??

    I agree wholeheartedly.
  3. Awol4Sho

    Spring in ATS??

    That's what I'm hoping for with this post! I really didn't think it would be all that difficult, though I'm starting to think the answer is a flat out NO.
  4. Awol4Sho

    Spring in ATS??

    I agree. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get it.
  5. Awol4Sho

    Spring in ATS??

    So.... I'm going to assume the answer is no.
  6. Awol4Sho

    Spring in ATS??

    Thanks for the reply. They are now(spring and summer!), and updated to be compatible with all versions up to 1.37(still works for 1.36). I was just wondering was it even in the plans, or are we just going to be left out. It really would be a welcome addition in my opinion. Thanks for your time.
  7. Awol4Sho

    Spring in ATS??

    It's great to see the Grimes weather mod becoming supported, but why not in ATS? The seasonal winter was a wonderful addition to the realism and immersion. Can we please have the same for spring/summer?
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