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  1. Thanks y'all your suggestions gave me some ideas than ima run by the VTC owner :3
  2. Okay, that sounds like a decent place to start. Thank you oooooo that's also an interesting idea as well! Thank you
  3. FPL already has those guidelines in place for conduct in the discord and such, there isnt any pressure to join convoys or log jobs. In our discord there is a channel that is only accessible for convoy leaders and the owner that we use to advertise our planned convoys, everyone that plays w/ MP gets a role that we ping for these adverts. I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to get activity going again, it's a little disheartening
  4. Hello, I am a moderator and one of the convoy leaders for FoxPaw Logistics, the reason I am making this post is because I need some help. I'm going to preface this by saying that from day 01 FPL has always been a very casual space, the owner and I try to keep an atitude that "Life always comes first." Back to what I need help with, I am just wondering for those of y'all that regularly play either ATS or ETS2, what exactly should VTC's offer to cater to a casual gamer? What sort of advice would you give to someone like me trying and to appeal to our drivers? Is it possibile that the atmosphere is TOO relaxed?
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