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  1. Hey KleinerPrinz09,


    Thank you for your reply.


    It is not possible to delete an account. We can try to reset a password for an account, but not delete it.


    You can create a new account, using a new email adress and password.

  2. Are you having issues logging in the game ? and you want to delete your account so you can create a new one and try with that one ?

    Have you forgot your password for your account ?

  3. @munteanudavid


    Fiecare camion este dotat cu o statie radio in cabina - in partea de sus a cabinei, deasupra capului soferului).


    Pentru a vorbi, apasati tasta V, pentru a porni/opri radio-ul, faceti click dreapta pentru a afisa cursorul, , si dati click pe butoanele radioului din cabina fiecarui camion. 

    Trebuie sa aveti microfon ca sa puteti vorbi si casti ca sa puteti auzi.

    Canalul standard este canalul 19.

    Canalul romanilor este 20 (nu multi stiu de el)

    Veti putea auzi pe cei din jurul vostru care sunt pe acelasi canal cu voi (raza de actiune a radioului este aceeasi cu cea de vizibilitate a camioanelor - ii auziti doar pe cei care va apar in meniul TAB)



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  4. Treaba este ca trebuie sa fim pe acelasi canal ca sa ne auzim. Daca @zolikt e pe canalul 20 de exemplu si eu sunt pe canalul 21, putem sa trecem unul pe langa celalalt si nu o sa ne auzim, pentru ca nu suntem pe acelasi canal.


    Voi schimba si eu canalul si voi fi pe canalul 20, se pare ca acolo sunt majoritatea romanilor.

  5. @Vyorel , cei de la SCS au mentionat, si citez "The changed parts of the world will of course still be accessible in the base game, even if they are upgraded visually."


    Prin asta inteleg ca si cei care nu vor avea DLC-ul Franta, vor putea vedea harta Frantei - asa cum este ea in joc acum, dar cu noile elemente grafice.


    @Soryn Official Cam atat cred ca o sa coste si eu, mai degraba 10 euro decat 5, dar cum ai spus si tu, asteptam sa vedem ce zice SCS, ca doar ei stiu cand e gata si cat costa.

  6. Hey SlowDrive,


    What exactly are you having an issue with, and what have you tried so far ?


    AS far as i'm aware, we all can do several jobs on Multiplayer, and all of a sudden, you have no more jobs (freight market and quick jobs).

    At this point, you have to visit a repair center (F7+enter) in order to move time forward a bit and synchronise it with the server. You can also find a parking spot and sleep to pass time, or quick travel to a garage.

    If none of those work, you need to reset the economy, as explained by norbert79.


    It's a known issue, the developers are aware of this.

  7. Hey, glad to hear it's working now !


    As for your other questions , as you can see from the picture above, there are separate options you can turn ON/OFF , for Engine sounds, Horn sounds, gearbox sounds, reversing sounds and lift axle sounds. So the mod was not made in one big chunk of "Sounds ON or OFF" , but rather, you can choose what sounds to hear, or not to hear.

    The simple answer is that they are managed separately.


    Have fun in the game and keep on truckin' !

  8. Hey butbut6,


    For ATS multiplayer, you need to have played the game on Singleplayer for at least 2h. You only have 1.6h , please play for 40 minutes more and then try again.


    Steam Family Library Sharing allows family members and their guests to play one another's games while earning their own Steam achievements and saving their own game progress to the Steam Cloud. 


    We ask because you need to disable Family share option for the Multiplayer client to work, but since you don't seem to have it , you're all good.


    Just play some more ATS until you reach those 2h of gameplay.

  9. Zonele comune vor fi accesibile si celor care nu au DLC-ul , vor vedea varianta "imbunatatita grafic" , dar doar acele parti care fac parte din jocul de baza.


    Adica, daca nu ai DLC-ul cu Franta, o sa vezi Paris-ul de exemplu, in versiunea imbunatatita grafic, dar daca in acest DLC se adauga orase noi in Frante, pe alea nu le vezi daca nu ai DLC-ul


    Deci vezi upgradat doar ce face parte din jocul de baza fara DLC. Cu DLC vezi totul.

  10. Bonjour Mr. Berann56 :)


    Alors, le mod TEDIT 1.9 c'est une modification qui te permet d'avoir ta propre remorque, dans le sens ou, le mod te permet de choissir le type de remorque a transporter, le point de départ et de destination.

    En bref, si tu veux transporter...par exemple, du carburant (Diesel) de... San Diego à ...n'importe ou , le mod peut attacher ce type de remorque à ton camion, avec la destination que tu veux.


    C'est sympa, mais compliqué à faire. Meme le mec qui a fait le mod, lorsqu'il l'a présenté sur le forum SCS (en anglais) http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=202722 , il a pris 2 pages juste pour expliquer comment ça marche.

    Il faut sauvegarder le jeu, entrer dans ce logiciel, creer la remorque, sortir du programme (ou du jeu), repartir sur la derniere sauvegarde....c'est pas evident, mais pas du tout.


    Enfin, il y a quelqu'un qui explique le mod, mais en ruse :wacko: : 




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  11. There should also be a "mute" function , that allows you to "mute" (stop hearing) the user you don't want to hear. Last time i checked though, it was bugged, but when it will get fixed, all you have to do is to click a buton and you don't hear that annoying player.

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  12. Hey RootBeerTuna,


    If you can login and play on Multiplayer (both ETS2 and ATS), then everything is fine.

    People sometimes say they can't activate the game from TruckersMP portal, and hence they can't connect on MP servers, but since you're past that step and are able to connect , you just didn't received the confirmation email to let you know that you can.

    Come to think of it, i haven't either :)


    Djinsomnia said it better - activation emails are currently not available, but that doesn't stop you from playing.



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  13. smar5 , from your explanations, i understand you have a STEAM account on wich you have ETS2 installed and activated.


    You should try to associate THAT account with the forum account.


    If you created a NEW forum account, that doesn't link back to your STEAM account, that's why it doesn't work.


    Can you let us know what's your Steam account ?

  14. Well , if you get the error "invalid email or password" , it seems you're mixing up your accounts and passwords. Try to remember on wich account you have ETS2, and use that account, not the new one you created.


    Think about it like this : on what account do i have ETS2 installed on ? what's the email i use to login to steam on that account ?

    Use that.

  15. Suntem pe punctul de a lansa o versiune open-beta pentru un nou update ata pentru ETS2 cat si pentru ATS, insa mai avem nevoie de putin timp pentru a pune la punct anumite detalii si cateva teste interne, pentru a ne asigura ca nu vor fi probleme.

    Dar in loc sa vorbim despre acest open-beta, haideti sa va aratam cateva locuri din noua Franta la care lucram pentru Euro Truck Simulator 2. Acestea sunt doar cateva screenshoturi a zonelor inca in dezvoltare – puteti vedea ca nu sunt terminate, dar facem tot posibilul sa le terminam cat mai repede.



    Scopul nostru cu aceasta expansiune este sa imbunatatim senzatia de autenticitate si realism cu care v-am obisnuit deja.











  16. Are you receving any kind of error messages ?

    Make sure you login with the steam account on wich you have ETS2, not just a personal email adress.


    If you have numbers in your password , make sure Numlock is ON on your keyboard and you are able to type in the numbers.

  17. La cateva ore dupa ce ziceam ca DLC-ul cu Franta ar putea fi gata peste vreo 2 luni, cei la SCS au publicat pe blog-ul lor ca sunt aproape gata si ca mai au doar cateva detalii de pus la punct.


    Acum, as spune mai degraba ca mai dureaza maxim o luna , poate chiar mai putin. Dar nici cei de la SCS nu au confirmat vreo data precisa.


    O sa pun articolul tradus astazi, un pic mai tarziu.

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