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  1. Check your task manager. I'm getting this error when ets2 working on background.
  2. Merhaba @Ruzzher, Dediğin gibi Promods'ta Kirkenes maden çevresinde çift dorse yasağı mevcut fakat simülasyon 1 veya simülasyon 2de böyle bir kural bulunmamaktadır. Saygılarımla, KRONAX
  3. Hello @lewis112358, Head to the steam workshop and subscribe to a Triple Trailer mod. Mod link Launch Singleplayer and before you click on your profile, click "Mod Manager" and enable the mod. Then head into the game, and buy a triple trailer, customize it etc. Close the game, and then load up TruckersMP.
  4. Hello @Sem_07 Check out this post. I'm sure it will help.
  5. You can get kick if you have truck modification on your trailer. "§5.1 Mixing vehicle items - Using car parts on a truck, truck parts on a trailer or car parts on a trailer, and vice versa for each case."
  6. Thank you for the follow! 💗😜



    "You must wait for some of your reports to be dealt with. Once some of your reports have gained positive points from a Game Moderator, you will have a higher report limit."
  8. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

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