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  1. Ok so I just have to wait for a update?
  2. Hi, i have a issue where there is AI traffic on my screen but everyone else does not. All of the AI vehicle's ARE NOT ghosts and i can crash into them. Please help me why this happened. I have a few pics of the cars
  3. Hi, my question has been answered with the info above.
  4. Hi i have a quick question, when does the SCS frosty mod become supported for ETS 2 Multiplayer? its most likely a simple answerer but still idk.
  5. Ok for some reason the game decided to start working again so now I know for the future if this happens again thanks for the help
  6. hi when i go to launch trucks mp ets 2 it says this "ill leave a picture below"please help e with this. there is no update on steam to update euro truck sim and i dont know why that is. thank you in advance
  7. Hi im just wondering what system specs you would need to play ets 2 at medium graphical settings and in high traffic areas at atleast 15-25fps? Thanks
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