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  1. Will try @Ady Man thanks for tip, here is the game log. love all the help guys.
  2. Here's a link to the video of the issue. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vGgy4i4ICYIKIS_tmLqRNkL62jdhzUfc
  3. Sorry no, I misclicked as my first time not sure what i did sorry
  4. Thanks for suggestion. Also clearing the cache didn't work. also just fyi it isn't a problem with TruckersMP as same problems happens in normal ETS2
  5. I will try have tried admininstor no luck but thanks for suggestion of cache clear , ADY Man
  6. My first time on forum, I'm sorry if this is in the incorrect section. Well basically my game is refusing to lad past the "Euro Truck Simulator logo" part of the page. I have read all other forums about similar issues and they say about reinstalling the game, steam, graphics drivers and truckersMP. I have done all of those multiple times taking over 4hrs of my time and NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL and that was really pissed me off. I've tried changing the game version's to beta and 1.35.x and the up to date game. Someone please help and WTF is going on here. Also tried compatibity mode which worked laast time but no luck this time. Can show video later if interested.
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