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  1. My favourite truck on ETS is no doubt My beloved Beast, a R730 Scania Streamline. Absolutely love it. I have 1,2 mil KM with her so yeah. I adore it

    On ATS I like the old Peterbilt


    On 10/27/2021 at 1:45 PM, [RSL] DanieCeBus said:

    I like Mercedes and DAF! 😀

    I like that citaro down there in your signature 😉:love:

  2. Heyaaaaaa! Thanks for the question.

    I was playing on keyboard for probably 4-5 years till recently I discovered an old logitech controller that I didn't use since I got it brand new more than 10 years ago so it's time came now. Much better and easier to play with

  3. Hi there. Thanks for your question. I drive sequential because I am using a controller so I have no better option. My favourite transmission would a 12 speed with low low ratios because it gives me the opportunity to carry all type of cargos regardless of their weight. 

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  4. Hi. Thanks for the question there. 

    The new SCS convoy multiplayer feature is a very nice add to the game whenever it will reach it's final state but I don't think that will surpass TMP as of it's limited number of people playing on a server. It's a very well thought out idea and it works kind of well but till they don't reach at least 200-300 players per server , TMP will thrive.

  5. Hey Pedro. Thanks for your question.

    In my opinion the new Daf is a very nice truck with new features for Ets like the screen mirrors and the digital dash and all these not from mods. Now about the engine and sounds I can't say much. Sounds kind of terrible and power is on the low side but it looks great and is very pleasant to drive . I personally only look at the screen mirrors and the digital dash, not the road🤣 Thanks God the GPS screen is big and I can see where I'm going

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  6. Hi. 

    I personally use Sony Vegas 15 pro and I have to say that is very easy to use and understand. Plus there are lots of youtube tutorials that can help you get through it. There will not be much tutorials for the 15 one but most of Sony vegas are the same so any of them will do the trick for simple editing. 

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  7. On 6/1/2021 at 10:43 PM, Oleandro said:

    I'd love to see a panel on ets2 while driving   you could watch videos at the same time, like you normally do when you are driving in real life, you browser thru the digital panel, browser the web, watch videos, of course you listen more than watch because you are driving , but it's fun anyway .

    A panel by the gps, by side, like a screen to navigate on the internet, watch YouTube videos, browser in the panel, it sounds nice to me while you are driving long trips, you would enjoy time driving and learning something else, I don't know if anyone is with me o this, but I would love to see it inside the game


    Hi there. Well to be honest with you, if you do that in real life ,just.... OOOOFFFF:kappa:. Now in game is still very dangerous. Now it should be nice to integrate a youtube/spotify function in the music menu and select music or a playlist from there but that will never happen. So yeah. If you do that in real life, please don't do it anymore and drive safe. 

  8. Hi there. That's a really nice question and I am very glad you've asked.

    When I meet people either on forum or discord, I am very happy but when I recognise them on the road I am even happier and I go like: "WAAAAIIIT A MINUTE. That name is familiar." And I start honking as crazy😄 But yeah. You really get a weird but pleasant feeling when that happens. Is like , from all the thousands of players of TMP, I've came across someone that I met before. What a small world indeed. 

    Even though I said it already , thanks a lot for your question. A really nice and "philosophic" one.❤️

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