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  1. Alright, problem solved! If anybody else has the problem too: 1. I uninstalled all my other mods (made a backup) 2. Deleted my symbolic link 3. Made a new symbolic link 4. Reinstalled TruckersMP (after this it worked) Don't know which one fixed it, but it worked after reinstalling TruckersMp and now it works as intended with my Singplayer mods
  2. My mod folder is linked to another folder on My E:/ drive, essentially moving the files there (did that because mods are taking a lot of space on my ssd). Could this be a problem?
  3. I tried everything, and i still get the error that the required files for Promods could not be find (when trying to join the Server). I'm using ProMods 2.41 for Singleplayer and have other addons (such as Rusmap or Southern Region) and my game crashed trying to replace 2.41 with 2.42. I have the 2.42 files in my mod folder but still it doesn't work. Also tried deleting all 2.41 files and only keeping the 2.42 files. I should say that my mod folder redirects to my other
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