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  1. Nevermind, everything worked, but I guess I will have to play on the administrator user because the main one is still not working :/
  2. "If you don't have "INetCache" folder make a new folder and name it "temp" and then open the Windows temp settings and choose the new path by clicking on Move folder..." didn't quite get the part after making "INetCache" folder, what do i do next? what is temp to be exact?
  3. Hello, I've tried what Mr.Blackout sent me and it didn't help, then tried port forwarding that Spark ignite sent me and somewhy whenever i turn on my firewall my whole windows crash so that didn't work either. The one coolio sent me doesn't even look like a fix to my problem. Here is a picture on what i'm getting when i'm trying to launch TruckersMP
  4. Yes, I have already tried mostly everything, from running as administrator to deleting the folder in %programdata% to reinstalling the whole ets2 and truckersmp and nothing have helped, but I may have a solution if someone would be eligible to winrar their %programdata% truckersmp folder and send a link to download, maybe switching from corrupted to the working one would help, just a doubt that I wanna try.
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