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  1. TruckersMP staff are very rude to all of the drivers in game. They never talk to the community in a nice way. Even if they have stuff to do, they can still have time to talk to the community. They blantly refuse to do that. I got banned for 2 days because I was trying to brake during an accident and I was going very slow but my truck didn't make a full stop. Yet I got banned for 2 days. They are going to give the same scripted statement without reading my letter on why I got banned. With the road to simulation, you should give updates to your staff members. Make them talk and give reasoning to things.
  2. I think that this is the dumbest update there is. 1st reason: Trolls will always be trolls. They are not dumb people, they will hop onto the popular server and try to ruin the experience. If staff were smart about this, they would make it so that if someone has more bans, they should be banned from EU2 instead of limiting the speed limit. Or you should make it so that if trolls get more bans or kicks, their speed limit decreases from the rest. They wouldn't overtake at all. 2nd reason: TMP staff is 100% the most laziest staff in the world. They do not take the communities decision at all. They use scripts when banning people and they show no care in game. They never interact with the community when they do big updates like this one. Their staff are biased and they will side with this horrible update. They will state the same reasoning over and over again because they always side on people. They don't ever say things in a kind manner. What they should do is that they should see where they are at. They should check in with the community and see how it is going and if they like where EU2 is going. If people say that EU2 is bad, they change to simulation. What they did here was immediately change to simulation. They got rid of triple trailers with NO consent from the community. 3rd reason: Having an arcade server with max speed and no collisions isn't the right way to go. At least make one with collisions to have the best of both worlds. 4th reason: Why speed limitation? I get where people say that this isn't a Need for Speed game but some people may like going a bit fast. If they aren't cautious with it, ban them. Speeding and overtaking is a risk on your own. If you mess up, you're banned. Make the rules a bit stricter. If the speed wasn't locked in, there wouldn't be speed hackers. Going on a highway at a locked speed isn't fun. If you go on a highway today in real life, not every single person goes the same speed. Some people may follow with the speed, some people may speed a bit faster, some may go below the speed limit. Saying that this is realistic is pathetic. ATS is such a fun game on single player because you don't have any limitations. Now if you go on ATS MP, you will go on an abandoned highway going 68 MPH. It is completely boring and I think people would want to go faster. You really REALLY messed up on ATS. Now you've lost a good amount of people from your community from doing this. I, for one might be the next one. For most of the day, you will now see only 3500/4200 people. Before when it was EU2, there was always a queue and I loved that. The community was together. Most people loved EU2 and now you took that from them. 5th reason: Planning on getting rid of the cars is a HUGE mistake. Saying that cars cause accidents is a big lie. The nice thing about cars is that there is variety. I get that it's a trucking game but having cars brings variety. It's nice seeing a car on the rode. Maybe make the brakes a bit better and when you slam on the brakes, you don't go out of control. Make the turning sensitivity better as well. Don't make it so that car players lose control easily. It's nice that car players can get out of accidents easier than trucks can. Car players aren't the main people trolling and causing accidents. It's very hard for a truck driver to overtake a car driver because they accelerate way faster than what a truck will ever do. I think that this is an amazing concept but you took it in a wrong position. What you should have done is make it that people with more kicks and bans should have limitations. The whole community shouldn't have impact just because all of the staff want to get rid of trollers. Also, make your staff interact with people in game. All of you game moderators never talk to the fellow truckers. You just sit there and kick people. Note that having 3500/4200 people on a day like this is a very bad move. I am living in the U.S. and I play at 12:00 EST. That is more in the evening in Europe and that is when people get on. I would expect a queue in EU2. Now, it's sad how I don't see that in simulation mode. You staff members really messed up this one. Just listen to everyone and not the people you side with.
  3. I just think this idea isn't worth it. The whole point of trollers/hackers coming into the game is to ban them. They make a horrible experience to the game and they should be banned from the game. Making 2 different modes is nice and all but arcade mode having no collisions plus unlimited speed is a bad idea. People will just troll on there then. It's seems like a great concept but to me, it doesn't look like this will turn out successfully.
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