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  1. While that is very true, again, 130 km/h is still pretty fast for running deliveries. I can take a 2500 km trip and finish it in as little as 1.5-2 hours with that speed. 100 MPH is only 20 MPH (30 km/h) faster and maybe makes 5-10 real-time minutes' of a difference and can still bring about problems if you take a turn too quickly and run into a fence, off the road, tip over, etc. As for admins, I don't think I've ever really seen any on ATS. Whether that be because they're in other areas of the map where I'm not, then it could be because of how little people play on those servers. So, even if someone was to break a rule or do something to hinder themselves or others while speeding, what are the chances that they will actually get punished? If the limiter is not to be changed (which it honestly doesn't need to be), then an arcade server could at least be made for all the lead-footed folks to flock to.
  2. I don't see why a limiter at 81MPH is so bad, honestly. That's 130 km/h for me and that's plenty fast. While it is a game, we need to think about how many players we come across that legitimately do not know how to drive, or choose not to drive properly and safely. Do we really want an even faster speed limiter on highways? I can only foresee accidents because hurr durr people are rocketing around at 150 km/h and crashing into things and other players. And yes, even though it's ATS, and the MP servers are bone-dry as far as player counts are concerned when compared to ETS2, we still need to take into considerations the repercussions of such a request.
  3. The simulation servers (at this moment) feel no different than the original EU#2 did, so I have no issues with it at all. We just need to be a lot more careful when we're driving about Europe. While I like rocketing around at 150 km/h (when my load permits it, mostly dry van trailers and what-not) to get jobs done faster, I feel that 110 is pretty good as well. Still a faster speed than maxing out at 90 when you've still got 20-some hours of driving to do in-game. But again, to have a speed like that, we need to be careful and responsible for our actions and how said actions will affect the other drivers we come across and interact with. Finally, player-controlled cars is a touchy subject for me. While I've never used them myself, I have had some poor experiences with other players driving them. I know a number of those players don't mean to cause harm, but there's been a number of times where I've seen cars cause accidents with other truckers/truckers trying to avoid crashing into the cars but causing accidents anyway; and most times it's completely by accident, but some times it is deliberate misuse of the vehicle and ruins other players' experiences. I feel they should be removed entirely from the sim servers or at least restricted to moderators (yes I know people driving trucks can still do the same thing, but they're needed to actually play the game).
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