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  1. On 5/14/2018 at 7:22 PM, -AV- said:

    This is a truck simulation game. It's not a car game. Why does everyone interested in a car want a difference? Would it be better if the new model trucks were added instead , the maps were uptadet and the new model trailer came in? @bonafide

    The thing is, you're not adding new models. It's just literally allowing different AI car models which are already in the game to be used on the scout car

  2. 1 hour ago, Crime and Punishment said:

    If you want to install Vtc, you should use voice conversation application. Collect your friends here (ts3, discord). then have a design that will make your company stand out. And share ads within the game. expand the circle and have good team members.

    thats the plan, but i need more time to set everything up,  my vtc is gonna be different from others but of course with everything new no one will participate so i'll just have to try other events and see how things go

  3. 38 minutes ago, [ConSecGroup] HuckinB said:

    Owning a VTC is very overseen nowadays. Many think ooh just hire a few people and make a logo, Job Done. But to get into the top league of VTC's you need to work extremely hard. So I recommend joining a well known VTC. If you wish to do meet ups then try and join a VTC that attend a lot of convoys. Such as the VTC I am a member of, Our job is to Pilot Convoys and to help keep the events safe. We have been running for 3 years and hosted large events with over 100 members attending. However, there is also many other large VTC's that host/attend weekly convoys. For example, Atlas Gaming Group. Most VTC's specialize in different areas. As mentioned above ConSec guides and secures convoys, Atlas cover a wide genre of games with many members. Other people may have other views but these are mine.

    Hope this helps, HuckinB

    Thanks! I heard an requirement is a website(virtual panels aren't websites sadly) any idea how i can go about doing that for free?

  4. Planning on making my own vtc/truck gathering group(truck meets) and I could use a few pointers from people who have been in alot or even owned vtcs. I owned one myself but that was a small group of people I already knew, I plan on doing something larger scale but idk how to go about doing it, as well as keeping track of members and alot of other things.

  5. 13 hours ago, -AOD- said:

    Any patch notes for


    1 hour ago, KL-Serge said:

    no patch notes for, and :lol::lol::P

    What's new (added to all that has been changed in the last 3 updates) :

    • Fixed traffic lights
    • Improved tools for gaming moderators
    • Improved synchronization with a large number of players

    • Fixed a bug with accessories

    • Fixed a crash after the game kick / ban

    • Fixed traffic lights in ATS (night time work as usual)

    • The information for developers (g_developer 16) added information about camera position and some graphics.

    • Updated data base accessories. (Added support accessories received in the New Year event SCS)

    • Traffic lights in ETS2 continue to work at night.

    • Support for painting from a New Year's Event SCS (only ETS2)

    • Other minor improvements



    • The site added to the system requirements for multiplayer
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  6. 22 minutes ago, [FC-CC] ReaPeR said:

    Have you changed something recently? Something at the system, any updates missing?


    Have you bought any DLC the last days, which could cause this massive lag/freeze in your game?

    probably a minor windows update, the game itself isn't lagging or freezing, it's just my ping which is causing the jumps

  7. On 20/02/2018 at 4:46 PM, [FC-CC] ReaPeR said:

    Hello @Artical DAN


    Did above posts helped you to solve your issue with your Game Ping?


    Please let us know :D 

    Sadly no


    @Crashon I've been playing truckersmp over wi-fi for 4 years and I've never had this issue , my ping is the same but it never had trucks freezing and jumping when I play at home until recently


  8. recently my ping has been around 230-300 compared to the usual 190 or even 220 but when i'm playing trucks seem to be stopping or jumping then my ping would be like 600-1800. The server never actually kicks me but when i'm driving people complain that i have "lags" what can i do to prevent this?


    if it helps , my bandwidth seems to have dropped significantly, could that be a problem?


    i've already done the following;

    • Disable any firewalls
    • Exit any applications that may be using up bandwidth
    • Disable Automatic Updates
    • Restart the router.


    the game itself isn't freezing or anything, my fps is constantly 40. i'm not sure if the router is overheating but i'm aware that could cause performance problems


  9. Suggestion Name:  Using "/" to open the chat with a command already started
    Suggestion Description: pressing forward slash would open chat with the forward slash already typed in
    Any example images: uuuuuuh, I could make an example but I'm forced to only use my phone atm
    Why should it be added?: Makes doing commands faster, this is a feature in Minecraft and it makes it easier to do commands on the fly

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  10. On 04/01/2018 at 12:26 PM, [SFH]MrHarv98 said:

    You want to bring realism to the game? There's better ways in the game like speed limiting highways to what they are in real life, having real time weather

    I'm waiting for multiplayer to have its own economy

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  11. 1 hour ago, CrazyLithuanianHacker said:

    No damage mod is not allowed? what? i rather play single player than get rammed constantly by bad drivers especially who ram on purpose 

    Just like in real life, you need to have the idea that everyone you see is possibly the worst driver in the world, and you'd need to anticipate if certain things are gonna happen, paying attention to your map constantly can also help

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  12. 30 minutes ago, [ATGC] Adwarin_SVK said:

    "very nice," so i can again use f7+enter on CD road every minute due to damage.

    I was using avgerho´s no damage trainer for few weeks so i hate this change, that now i cant

    Should invest your time on using quick save and quick load


    Also, c+d road isn't the only road there is, drive to other cities there's alot of nice ones with decent amount of truckers

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