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  1. ok, but limiting speed only doesn't make sense imo, like you allow drivers to do a 40 degree turn at 100kmph with 22 t load, thats around 35 ish tons with 6x4 and 3 axle trailer without toppling over, but you guys dont allow higher speeds? what?
  2. well till scs does it, if TMP is moving forward for more simulation, for now TMP can do it, they do it for trailer stability after all, no?
  3. limiting speed is not good at all, huge turn off for me. limiting speed just for sake of safety even in real world is just stupid IMO, idiot and bad people are everywhere, and they will always be an hindrance irrespective of what you teach them. limiting speeds just so that these bad drivers can feel at ease? is just pushing the idea, "that don't work hard to hone your skills cause it just doesn't matter cause we will limit it", and now you guys have gone and done it as well that too in a virtual environment..............oh well i hope that you guys allow collisions in the arcade servers at least, that way we, i mean drivers like me that like to show off their driving prowess can have a safe haven to do so...... thanks a ton thou, for all the glorious years of ETS 2 MP EDIT : 1) just an idea, why not enforce realistic braking/stability/suspension effects from the game engine itself for realistic simulation, rather than limiting speeds?, cause enforcing that should make people brake more often in turns, rather than NFS that corner or turn, also IMO that adds more to simulation than speed limits. 2) i can see some might argue that map is not to scale etc etc, but this is a virtual environment and turns are their to affect, so if you want simulation really, enforcing similar physics of vehicles is more important than limiting speeds. speed should be at the discretion of the driver whether to abide by it or not, also while at it enforce fines too, that way it can act as detrimental action against speeders at the same time ensuring more realistic simulation? well food for thought i suppose
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