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  1. Ive tried driving around with this trailer and it seems to handle just fine, only a bit wavy. But as you've stated it looks rather stupid on the back end of the car, its like those normal ones just sized up xD. But i do get your point
  2. that is true, its did seem to pull the trailer with ease. In my opinion its something that would be fun to have, but people cant stand it xD
  3. I also though about this, that trailer is rather big so i tried towing it with the scoda. Surprisingly it worked, the car didnt seem to have any troubles. But then, as others have stated, it isnt that realistic and people cant stand the sight xD. Guess im just going to have to scrap the idea
  4. So i newly got access to this trailer, its a tandem trailer which works in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Having this in multiplayer as a trailer for the cars, wouldn't this be an idea for having a bit more variation and contrast? https://prnt.sc/13fo5h3
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