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  1. Italy, haven't driven that much yet it looks good.
  2. Ok, thank you this is useful. As soon as I get home I will try this.
  3. Ok that's good. While using my pc normally, I'll just casually keep pressing the brake pedal XD that should speed it up
  4. Thank you, I will look into this.
  5. Yeah, I use the H-Shifter. I have made the sensitivity of it as high as I can.
  6. Hey Guys, First main post. Does anyone have any thoughts/tips on using a wheel for ETS2? I have been using the G920 since Christmas and I must say it has been a worthwhile upgrade. The only issue I have is that the brake pedal is not sensitive enough and therefore causes me to press ultra-hard to get myself to brake.
  7. My personal compilation.
  8. Two monitors, one with the game, the other having youtube autoplay. Normally set it onto a video that focuses more on the detail than visual side, making it more of an audio book. However, if not, normally TruckersFM.
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