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  1. Suggestion Name: Expansion of Duisburg Suggestion Description: With the new rebuild of duisburg i noticed that some roads are blocked in the city, and in cd road My suggestion is another small rebuild of the city and cd road, This map is my idea. Sorry for the bad writing hahaha. With this new expansion in the national road you could add some more companies like trameri or another one, maybe a central bus station. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Well there are 3 roads closed, one in cd road, and the other 2 are in duisburg near the river, it would add another way of going to duisburg, with the roundabout it will be easier and i think it wont create a large traffic jam. In addition duisburg will look better and more complete. Also the river will cross the cd road, if you go to cam0 you can see the river ending in the middle of nowhere.
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