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  1. Thank you for your help guys. I guess the moderation team will handle this. The Problem has been solved. So i guess u could close the article.
  2. So guys long story short i wanted to report a person for driving recklessly and blocking the road. I do have their TMPID and i am sure that what i type is right but it says that there isnt such a player in our system.(similar something to that) So i wanted to ask if there was a way to just delete your own account? Because i cannot find the player. In case proof is needed for the ID i would happily share it.
  3. 250gr


    Ok, then until it gets inactive:D
  4. 250gr


    Not 100% if it wouldn't be a problem can this subject stay open for few more days maybe someone can help me? Best Regards, Zamzaki
  5. 250gr


    I have tried your second recommendation and it did nothing, I've tried the first one but i didn't find time to open TruckersMP and play for 30minutes i will rewrite and explain my results Thank you
  6. 250gr


    Thank you i have tried that and it did not work:/
  7. 250gr


    Hello Guys! I've been playing Ets2 in my potato pc then finally I got my decent computer but at first, no problem playing it, then I downloaded one of AMD software and I didn't need it so deleted with AMD Utility something, after that, I redownloaded AMD software with drivers. Then I did an overlock to my system after that my pc started to crash at long term playing then I redid the overclocking now no problem with that but whenever I start TruckersMP game froze in the loading screen and if it works again it does not show the Server selection spot and it gets stuck with the Server selecting cursor. If everything turns out after playıng for 30min or so it loads the loading screen in the middle game and respawns me there. I've searched in google they say its because of my GPU or DirectX. I need to fix this. Thank you all from now.
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