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    the thing I'm wondering right now: Do the people that want a limitless or 150km/h server with collision have any valid reason for it? The only reason I can think of is wanting to be able to hit people while going in excess of 110km/h. This is of course not a valid reason.
  2. IRL trucks are required to have a speed limiter set to 90km/h. This seems like a good solution if they wanna keep the car available to most anyone. Otherwise I really wouldn't mind it being made available to trusted players only. Afaik the car is in the game mostly for convoys, hence the pilot skin. I don't know how common it actually is to use the Scout in that role and whether it is viable to whitelist people for car usage. If it's commonly used in its intended role whitelisting might be too much work for the team so the solution to blacklist people that abuse it might be better.
  3. As others have said the trucks really aren't too different as far as power goes. I personally prefer the Volvo because it has the shortest wheelbase making it a bit easier to maneuver, especially as a day cab.
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