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  1. They all have their good sides, but my favourite is going to be the FH Tuning Kit. I also use a lot of the HS Schoch tuning kits. My least used one(s) is probably Raven or Dragon kits. Own them, but hardly use anything from them :D 


    On 2/15/2021 at 10:56 PM, ASIR [CZE] said:

    I am still waiting for my favourite – MAN Tuning Pack.

    Yes, I would also love to see an MAN tuning kit as well. Who knows what SCS have in the works :)

  2. Thank you for the offer, however I switch what trucks I drive quite often, so I wouldn't want to use your time to teach how to local mod one truck only to change it after a few days ;)


    Keep up your great work though, if you produce any more I would like to see them!


    All the best;


  3. Local modding is beyond my technical abilities, but I do enjoy looking at other peoples creations. Fiber and Tim_VDR you guys have some of the best local mods I have ever seen, amazing jobs :wow:

    Best Wishes;


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  4. Me and 4 or 5 fellow Pries drivers undertook a  journey from Bilbao (Spain) to Murmansk (Russia) with a distance of 5,500KM's. Naturally, it was in ProMods and took around 4 and a half hours to do, with 2 stops en-route for comfort breaks. 


    The route was slightly modified to take in some smaller mountain pass roads in Andorra and across the Alps, and also modified to avoid ferries. This was on ProMods 2.45, so now with a small expansion in Spain, you probably could make this 6,000KM without any issues. Such a journey I would only do in TMP with a few friends for company, the drive simply flies by if you've got someone to talk too as you go! :)


    Best Wishes;

    RB1988 :)

  5. I would love to see a return of a server that is more geared towards "Full Simulation" as Europe 1 used to be. Applying the same ruleset to Simulation 1 now would not be the way to go. I think the vast majority of people have accepted now that this is not the server to use if you want to drive full simulation. You certainly can do, within DLC areas, especially Black Sea regions where even now it is not (comparatively) populated. 


    I have found the best way to undertake "Full Simulation" driving, even in base map areas, is Simulation 2. There are 2 upsides to this that are immediately evident. 


    1) Lower player cap

    2) It is more often than not, quieter, across the map. 


    The advantages of this are, you can drive with your friends, with a much less chance of being inconvenienced by other players, and if you encounter someone thrashing along at full speed, they can easily be out your way. 



    RB :) 

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  6. I quite like at the moment to drive lower horsepower trucks (400-500hp) with 18-24 tonne cargos. A nice workout for the truck and driver! So I am often hauling empty pallets, lumber, concrete centering, carbonated water, beverages, etc. I like to keep my jobs and commodities roughly to what a Logistics company would haul regularly IRL.  


  7. This sort of thing comes up a lot, but is never seen through. I am following at least 2 other topics for the same thing that sound very promising but never deliver. 

    The closest you get is normally at large scale Charity or VTC Anniversaries, that have "Truckfests" before the start of convoys. More attention is usually given to parking formations than the actual trucks, I for one would love to see an Event created that shows off players unique truck customisation abilities and designs rather than parking formations. 


    Best Wishes;


  8. I would usually only sound off the air horns if people used them towards me as a way to say 'hey' when passing on the roads, but the F-MOD issues have stopped this. I am still torn if this is a good or bad thing, so now I flash my lights. Not as many players seem to recognise this as a greeting, sadly!


    All the best;


  9. I am quite partial to empty pallet cargoes, as well as bottled water or beverages. Anything above 20T that can be loaded into a curtainsider, I like to make my trucks work :D 


    Best wishes;


  10. I have driven Iceland a lot in Promods, so I'm not in such a rush to go there in Multiplayer, especially given it's the place to be at the moment. I will most likely head that way when (if?) the hype calms down :)


    I started my new adventure in Israel, having not explored Middle East add-on as much, and intending to explore Eastern Europe from there, the latter being areas I've never driven in properly, such as Serbia, Moldova, Romania, etc.


    Look forward to seeing you out on the roads!

    Best Wishes;

    RB :)

  11. Hello :) 


    I am having difficulty linking Patreon account to TMP Profile. I keep getting the error ‘No Active Patreon membership found”.  


    Checking my Patreon Profile the details of the account are all there. 


    Any help gratefully received :)



  12. The Baltic Sea DLC area is my favourite area to drive. Despite being single carriageway they're incredibly flowing and so easy to drive on!


    Southern Italy is also gorgeous, and given the fact this is so far removed from the main part of the map, those you tend to meet driving that way are usually skilled, serious drivers which makes for such a much nicer experience, as opposed to some antics in Western Germany!


    Safe travels!


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  13. I was minding my own one day on Multiplayer, and starting to get a bit bored of the same old, same old, when I noticed a large proportion of other players passing me all seemed to belong to one VTC or another. This began my intrigue, and went looking thru this forum, where I happened upon Prime Logistics.


    It was all a new experience for me, but the Recruitment team made me feel welcome, and there's some good people there behind the scenes keeping things running well, and I'm proud to be wearing their livery when I'm out on the roads in TMP. It really has brought a whole new level of fun to the game!


    If you're looking for a VTC to join for the first time, I would really recommend them!

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