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  1. HgTuber

    Player's Bug

    hi there's a some bug's it looks like a man or broken car on the street and other player can driver throw that but when i driver i get 99 damage. why?it happened to everyone who play ets 2 multiplayer.
  2. HgTuber


    i thing thay shuld be get banned becase when thay have money they will drive fast and have crash to other player's.
  3. HgTuber


    Hi i dont know why truckersmp cheaters not getting ban becase the heat level or xp and money ?cheat engine . this is a cheat evryone using for cheating.
  4. با سلام truckersmp در تلاش است که تمامی راه هایه چیت مانند پول و اکس پی را ببندد و بن داعم کنند.
  5. با سلام به دلیل مشگلات زیر. سقوط.خارج شدن از مپ.نتوانستن کنترل کردن ماشین سر پیچ و برخورد با پلیر هایه دیگر.
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