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  1. I tried this but using a different directory due to my game being on Steam (the Documents profile folder is empty) but I still only saw my singleplayer profile at the end. Sad times.
  2. I've seen this problem posted several times on here but rarely with any answers. I'm new to ETS2 multiplayer, only got the TruckersMP mod a couple of days ago. I started playing and noticed my truck kept being forced to slow down at various speeds. I haven't done ANY World of Trucks deliveries, so it's not that, and I'm talking about limits like 75kmh (when the speed limit is 80), and sometimes I was limited to 45. Checked all sorts of settings. The speed limiter setting for TruckersMP is off. In-game (in ETS2), it was turned on. So I disabled it, started driving, and my truck was slowed down again. Went back to the settings, speed limiter had turned itself back on. I kept trying - every time I turned it off and exited the settings menu, it appeared to switch itself back on. Initially I was on the EU1 server so I figured maybe the server speed limit was messing it up, but same thing happened on server 3. I also loaded up the profile in singleplayer to see if that made a difference, but it already showed as being off. Is this a feature I don't know about, or a bug?
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