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  1. _Ben's post in Cant get cargo on some of the companys was marked as the answer   
    Hi  @JustAlvin
    To take jobs from/ to Kaarfor and Sell plan you need the Scandinavia DLC. Without the DLC you won't see the green pad where you select your jobs.
  2. _Ben's post in Chat Button not working was marked as the answer   
    Maybe your chat is disabled, try pressing F9 to enable chat and then press Y to open the chat box.  
  3. _Ben's post in No Jobs was marked as the answer   
    Hello Duckx,
    Try one of the solutions below:
    Sleep at a rest stop F7+enter to the services Teleport to a garage If non of the above work try Resetting your Economy.
  4. _Ben's post in ATS-MP @ Sign doesn´t work was marked as the answer   
    Hello T3ddybear87,
    try and use Alt+64 to make the @ symbol.
  5. _Ben's post in Anyone having problems registering ats with multiplayer ? was marked as the answer   
    Hello TripleGGG,
    In order to register at TruckersMP.com you must have at least 2 hours of play time on steam for American Truck Simulator single player,
    When you have 2 hours of gameplay or more then go to this link http://truckersmp.com/en_US/profile/settings and click check now button to register ATS.
  6. _Ben's post in Can't seem to install mods into MP was marked as the answer   
    Hello Janpan,
    The only mods which are allowed on ets2mp are the ones listed here.
  7. _Ben's post in DirectX or OpenGL options was marked as the answer   
    Hello BigdaveETR,
    Go to Document/ETS2MP and delete the launcher.dat file and launch the game.
  8. _Ben's post in Can't see any quick jobs to do was marked as the answer   
    Hello moshemaz,
    You can sleep a few times which will sometime reset the jobs on the freight market.
    You can follow this guide to help you reset your Economy.
  9. _Ben's post in Convoy questions was marked as the answer   
    Hello thhuni,
    You can use free cam to teleport your truck around the map. Here is a guide on how to get free cam working and how to use it.
    (you can only teleport your truck in Single Player)
    This is a quick way to travel to places without spending any money.
  10. _Ben's post in Approved MP mods was marked as the answer   
    sometime it does change the trailer but it will still be 125ton.
  11. _Ben's post in Report help... was marked as the answer   
    Found him
  12. _Ben's post in Unsupported game version detected was marked as the answer   
    Hello Obanbhoy,
    You need to downgrade to This should help you: Guide
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