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  1. Drummerzip

    How would YOU cope with this?

    I see it most of the time I play of TruckersMP. But sadly you see trolls in all multiplayer games.
  2. Drummerzip

    Truck or car?

  3. Drummerzip

    Trucking Nation Radio - Upcoming Radio 2019

    Best of luck.
  4. Drummerzip

    A Server for player with more than 200h playtime

    That sounds like a good idea.
  5. Drummerzip

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    I've been playing for about 4 years.
  6. Drummerzip

    ➤ Valtox Gaming Group | VTC

    Looking good. Looking forward to see you on the road.
  7. Drummerzip

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    I think they should only remove it from either EU3 or EU4. But they should keep it on the busy servers such as EU2.
  8. Drummerzip

    Which radio station you listen while driving?

    I usually listen either to: Simulator Radio, TruckersFM or TNR.
  9. Drummerzip

    Favorite DLCS

    My favourite DLCs are: Beyond the Baltic Sea, Going East and Special Transport DLC.