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  1. TruckerLe


    Hello still having the same Problem. It says offline at the top right Corner and trys to reconnects Every 10 seconds Please help.
  2. TruckerLe


    Doenst work but i Dont1think thats the Problem beceuase i Dont have incompatible Dlcs. I Dont know what i do now i want to play it but nothing works
  3. TruckerLe


    Man nothing works i tried vpn but still same Problem. What do you mean1with veryfign Game on Website?
  4. TruckerLe


    Hey Thanks for the replies but problem still not fixed .
  5. TruckerLe


    Hello , i have ets 2 and after 2 hours i installed the Truckers MP Client. But i have the Problem that in the top right corner it says Offline and in the left it says reconnect Every 10 seconds. I searched it up on google but i still dont have a Solution for it. i Never played it its since day One i installed it. Please Help Me someone.
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