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  1. It's quite a mediocre DLC imo. I got it just so I could get rid of that "BUY DLC KRONE" trailer texture. Still, DLC is DLC. Anything new is better than nothing.
  2. zVYPER

    Winter Mod

    I would prefer (if posible) that TMP mods the winter in permanently into the game and make some sort of system to alternate weather (just for the player or server wide, i don’t care). The said alternation should be between clear weather, rain and winter. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
  3. Ok, something weird is going on with my Skoda. Did the fuel capacity change? Mine has only 358 km when it’s full...and it’s draining ridiculously fast! The “realistic fuel usage” or whatever is called is turned off, so it can’t be that. Also, I saw a new TMP update for ETS2 so there might be something going on. Can someone please get in their Skoda for a sec and confirm? Cheers.
  4. Rather than doing that, it would be much simpler to buy your own double trailer and free roam.
  5. Or having a personal trailer for each type of cargo: General, dry goods, chilled, frozen and construction and equipment materials. That would mean buying three trailers.
  6. Even Despacito 3 is more posible than ETS3. At least this century.
  7. Kick you from the server? When was that? I've never heard of this before.
  8. Yeah, I'm liking it. I'm hoping for TMP to get modded somehow so that we can pick up and complete double trailer Cargo Missions outside Scandinavia.
  9. For me it's Italy, especially, the south! Villa San Giovanni, Messina, Palermo and Catania are gorgeous! And they seem more gorgeous if you're driving all the way from Uppsala, like I usually do (for the big ca$h)
  10. Hey. If you like heavy traffic then, sure, give it a go. You'll figure out immediately whether you like it or not I made the mistake of returning there 3 days ago and now I have C-D PTSD. Take care of your trucks & cargo! it's the most important thing (for me, at least).
  11. J-Spec, you say? Well, it seems like all my 7 trucks are J-Spec then! I always tend to not attach anything except air horns on my beauties. J-Spec ftw then!
  12. Yes! And some payouts are insane! I got a run from Bergen to Palermo that earned me a bit over 600.000 Euro.
  13. Yes, for manners, please go to Italy. I never saw any troll there since getting the expansion. It's a place for the elites
  14. It has many uses Meant to be said as a threatening, as a bluff or as a coping mechanism with the pain of getting your cargo REKT or some people say it after they crashed into someone (on purpose or not on purpose) so they can try to manipulate the other driver if he's insecure and hence avoiding a report
  15. Okay @Encrypted_Data0, I had no idea how posibly you can do that. It’s not posible to move double trailers in a garage outside Scandinavia, isn’t it? Or is there some special trick to move it? I just tried using “relocate”
  16. Same. I agree with this change. Turning & cornering at blasting speeds is ridiculous.
  17. I'm gonna try this as well in ~1 or 2 hours and I'll report back here
  18. Yeah... Mr @Encrypted_Data0 should explain it further
  19. zVYPER

    Yeah no.

    If you’re having this kind of problems, I advise spending more time in DLC areas, as the population is lower than on the main map. Italy is a great choice. Good scenery, interesting roads, and low population. Moreover, I never had any incidents with the players from Italy. 0. I haven’t seen and trolls since getting the expansion.
  20. I’m also using the “Crystal paint job”. I put it on my Double Trailer using a combination of white, red and black (since 90% of my trucks are colored like this)
  21. ...what? Start what? The...release of Range T?
  22. Exactly. The main map kinda lacks those breathtaking sceneries. (Err, Going East as well)
  23. After months of never aproaching C-D, I gave it a shot 2 or 3 days ago. The chaos is irrelevant to this topic, but all I can say is that I’ve seen LOTS of players sporting double trailers on C-D. An automatic kicking system should be put into place.
  24. I seriously doubt it. As SCS said, they’ll continue expanding Europe while the older main map regions (and then old dlc regions) will get remastered with better graphics/particles. It will surely take them years to finish Europe, let alone do graphical improvements.
  25. I’m extremely happy with the changes that TMP made to the Skoda.Rapidly changing gears made me fall in love with my little caravan carrier Also, I’m happy with the change regarding the driving of double trailers outside of Scandinavia. All that would be left to satisfy me is modding TMP in order to get double trailer jobs outside of Scandinavia!
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