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  1. Hi everyone I need help and i'm sure it's a simply solve!. I am running telementary on my ipad. I have the SDK app with 2 generic dash's and then some of the ntrucks. I want to find a new skin as there are some great ones out there. I have unzipped one on my PC and its in the funbit server/html/ skins folder. How do I get that skin to show on my ipad? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I believe its the SDK version. It's working fine with my ipad so i'm happy. Although any help adding new dash layouts would be great!!
  3. Hi guys I use to use my ipad with the dashboard app so that I don't have to strain to see the dash in my cab. Does this work in multiplayer? Thanks in advance
  4. I have the trailer DLC but i've seen people driving empty vehicle transporters. I'd love to just move cars, lorries, heavy machinery etc. Sorry if my post didn't make sense!!
  5. simrich77


    Hi everyone. I hope you can help. I've seen people driving with empty transport trailers for vehicles. Can you purchase these or is it just wishfull thinking? Thanks
  6. Hi Guys I hope this makes sense!! After choosing my next cargo and heading to the depot to collect it, is there a way to avoid having to click on the cargo again once I reach the depot? I would like to just drive into depot straight to load. Thanks for any help
  7. Thanks for all the messages. It does appear that it's been made dark for Halloween. No idea why as nobody seems to be enjoying 24 hours darkness!!! Hopefully they will convert it back soon, when they realise they have made a mistake and no one likes it!!!
  8. simrich77


    Hi Guys This might be a stupid question. I have been driving for a few hours (real time) and it's now 10pm. It's always night time in the game but my dash clock reads 3.00pm. Is the daylight cycle based on real time for the country i'm in? Thanks for any help
  9. Thank you for the update. I'll keep checking for the update and just run ETS2 for now. My question has been answered
  10. Hi Everyone I mostly use ets2 but I do enjoy ATS because of the trucks. It's a shame there are never many people on it! Just tried to load ATS mp and it only lets me join ETS2. Are the ATS servers down does anybody know? Thanks Simon
  11. Hi I think so but i'll find out when I have no cargo. All good at the mo. Fingers crossed
  12. Thank you so much for the advice. Without a truck I cannot sleep but hopefully the enter and F7 will do the job!!!
  13. Thanks for the help. I am right in thinking that I need to start my new profile in SP until I own a truck and then start on MP so that I can travel to a garage when sometimes there are no jobs?
  14. Hi All. I was so excited to see MP updated for trailer ownership, however my game crashes every time I load my pwn trailer or travel to my garage. Is anyone else having issues or is there a woek around until it is resolved? Thanks for any advice
  15. simrich77


    Hi All I'm still quite new to MP. Just wondering... today I purchased the Krone trailer pack. However it's been disabled because ETS2 have also updated and isn't MP compatible. I have had to run on an older BETA. Does anyone know hoe soon MP normally catches up. Sorry if its a stupid question!!
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