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  1. Autosave, my friend...
  2. Looks great, I'll go and see it later...
  3. If it's well used, can be very interesting...
  4. Austria, I just love it. And Scandinavia too.
  5. +Support Great idea, but it'll not be added...
  6. oriolb

    Small roads?

    Just look at France.
  7. Ejecuta steam como administrador, creo que funcionará.
  8. Si sancionaran por ir a más velocidad de la permitida... el server estaría vacío...
  9. Didn't knew that, thanks!
  10. oriolb

    The car problems

    Fuel is the worst of the car, all said. The resi is good.
  11. No, It's not so used, and to have an empty server, better delete it.
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