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  1. TomWi88

    Game Crash

    RESOLVED - thank you @Pheonix_Twitch
  2. TomWi88

    Game Crash

    I have reinstalled the game & MP and I am still getting that box, HOWEVER I can use the mouse, I will see if the game still crashes. UPDATE: Game still crashes.
  3. TomWi88

    Game Crash

    @El1teZombiezHD, Still shows the box, I restarted my PC too.
  4. TomWi88

    Game Crash

    @Pheonix_Twitch, Once the "Verify integrity of game cache" completed when I attempt to launch the game it now shows this message - http://prntscr.com/c8hk30. If I click cancel the game does not load, if I continue with that the mouse does not work in-game it just moves to my other monitor, however the keyboard still works in-game.
  5. TomWi88

    Game Crash

    ETS, sorry I did not say that.
  6. TomWi88

    Game Crash

    Hey @El1teZombiezHD, It only happens in multiplayer. I have tried several profiles.
  7. TomWi88

    Game Crash

    Hello, Whenever I take a ferry, do F7+enter, cancel a job or anything that involved teleportation my game crashes. I have uninstalled TruckersMP mod and the game it's self however the issue is still occurring. How do I fix this?
  8. Topic Title: Changelog [WEB] ETS2MP ID: 95358 URL: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/download How to reproduce: Log in -> Download> Change log -> Does not open a page or anything. Screenshots / Videos: https://gyazo.com/a6cf83dbc70b45164141fd93a48c21c8 Thanks for reading.
  9. I need to get someones truckers mp id to report them however I am of game there for I can not do pinfo and the id is with someone else now, I belive you go via a files and text files but which one is it? Thank you, DirectGaming twitch.tv/directgamingyt CEO - SimplyHost
  10. TomWi88

    Forum API

    Hiya, I was wondering if anyone knew on this forum when you go to your account you can add twitch things in the external website, I have this for my forum however I was wondering how I would allow it to do the stream badge thing as well next to it automatically. If someone knew that would be appreciated I am guessing it uses some type of API.
  11. hiya Buddy, if your still loking to join my company hop onto our ts however we might be changing :)

  12. Yes! EP Will be open not impresed about it being closed this whole time caused a massive problem for all of us! Yes! EP Will be open not impresed about it being closed this whole time caused a massive problem for all of us!
  13. Thanks that is why the server was down.
  14. TomWi88

    Game Crahes

    Hello, I have logged onto ets2mp clicked drive and it crashes as soon as i press it. Mod Version:0.13 R3 Controllers Used: Logitech Driving Force GT Description of Issue: Above ^^ How to reproduce: N/A
  15. game still crashes (update) Mod Version:0.1.3 R2 Controllers Used: Logitech Driving Force GT Description of Issue:My game always crashes, even after the update How to reproduce:It just happens... Screenshots / Videos:N/A
  16. Hello, new update came out to stop the game from crashing well my game still crashes!
  17. Hello truckers! New update launched is great! Loving now you can now see the number plates in windscreens and hotels are no collision! Howevr from 8PM-6AM The traffic lights, get stuck on red. Will this be fixed? And how long will it be until it's fixed?
  18. TomWi88

    Game Crashes

    Hello truckers! I play this game all the time. I was really happy to here that the new update has come out, they have added lots of stuff inc, number plates on window's can now bee seen, most amazing traffic lights synced. Now O wont to play as drivers wont crash into me. However my game crashes, yes crashes all the time. And says "A fatal error has occurred" love this game I am a sensible driver (never been banned or kicked) and now I cant play this game, I would love to do a livestrem on ets2mp like i do all the time but now I cant. Will this be fixed? And how long will it take?
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