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  1. Does somebody know, when they'll release the new 1.32 ETS2 Update. I dont wanna wait anymore ._.
  2. @[EG-K] MrProGamerHD [REC] I come from Germany too. Where do you live there?
  3. Hello Forum, I don't think, that they want to work on ETS3, because they're putting much energy and hard work in DLC and Updates of the Basic Map of ETS2.
  4. I really hope that they work on Spain and Portugal, because I drive there on Mario Map and I really enjoy driving there.
  5. I think, it will come in December 2018, because all new Maps, came out before New Year.
  6. I'm looking forward to the new DLC's, because SCS is working very hard to give us the Best of the Game
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