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  1. 18 hours ago, amatikuski said:

    Didnt bother to read everything above but possibly an alternative solution would be to create a vote-kick. This would work for those who block the road which is the most annoying thing imo. Because a player cannot be reported more than once, it will not attract attention even when that one person reported from "blocking" is preventing 50 players from going anywhere for an hour or so. The kick wont be a long term solution but it would clear up the road for a good while at least. And by the time the vote kick has worked, someone would have video evidence of the person doing it and creating a report on tmp anyways. They would be banned later. 

    And as far as vote kick, it would cause no real harm even IF it was abused by a large group dedicated doing so. But with certain limitations and registering the information of using the vote kick i dont think anyone would go through the trouble of abusing it. Depends how it would be made.



    Thank for commenting on my post!


    This would be amazing! 

    5 hours ago, [WT] Chrizzle_izzda said:

    Mhhh with this feautere i can ban all player with my friends.


    But you can make a suggestion here:




    You have to decide under which category you would like to write the contribution.



    Hahaha, love it !


    I would, however, I don't have enough posts to be able to write a suggestion at the moment!

  2. 1 minute ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

    I'm not 100% on it, just saw a similar post in the past & one of the staff said they were working or looking into something similar....


    Funny enough thats exactly what they were on about, a system that allows players to vote if an offence had been committed or not & then the report would go to the GM's system for a final review! I don't know if its even a thing anymore as nothing has been said since.

    That is perfect! For sure, forum post suggestions will change from time to time and will get adapted but that would be such a good idea. Imagine someone blocking a road, I had a similar siutation the other day on the CD road, there was no Game Moderators about and we were all sat there for 30 mins, times aren't fun when that happens... Therefore, having the ability to vote kick or vote to ban would make the game so much better.

  3. 2 minutes ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

    TMP were actually looking into doing something similar but i think it came down to an issue of who can see the report & stopping people from exploiting it & banning players unfairly & also how do you view it ( admins de-spawn while watching reports & spawn back in after ). If you had 100 players doing that you can only imagine the chaos! I'd mention it in Feedback & see what they say.



    Thats so great to hear, thank you very much for keeping me updated - That would be great if they can find a way around this as it would be amazing 

  4. 15 minutes ago, FernandoCR [ESP] said:

    From what I've read, this system won't work. Because there's no actual video-replay that can be accessed from the website, it's just data that has to be loaded in the game. Besides... 5 overwatchers for each report, so you'd need hundreds of them to make a difference, otherwise there would be almost the same amount of reports timing out, or even more. Now, a report is sent, a GM claims it, watches the incident, decides and acts. With this system, a report is sent, it has to wait until 5 users claim it, all of them watch the incident, vote... If a report takes 2 minutes of a GMs time, it would take probably 10 minutes or longer for the overwatchers.


    So, sorry, but with the difficulties to implement this and the lack of improvement that IMO will provide, I don't think it's worth the effort.




    On the other hand, this could also be something which can be added to the actual game side of things like what the Game Moderators have in-game. 


    Furthermore, this can be done - TMP has recently seen record breaking numbers on their servers, they have hundreds of applications from people who have an interest in Game Moderation. This would reduce the number of timed out requests as its still bringing something to the game for people to monitor reports. For example, someone who has parked up in-game, on their tab it could have a notification which says how many reports have been sent in. There are thousands of people playing this on the servers so I reckon it would be achievable.


    Thanks for your view on this. 


    At the end of the day I'm just trying to introduce new ideas and thinking outside the box - People will have their own views.  On the other hand, if this doesn't happen then maybe the applications to become a GM will open again?

  5. An Easier Way To Get Reckless Drivers Off The Road


    Have you ever been driving then a reckless driver comes past and damages you and they should be banned? You then go on and report them via the TMP Tab, soon after it comes up with a message telling you that your report has been timed out. Therefore, the reckless driver will get away with it... This has happened to all of us right? 


    My new suggestion - Introducing a new system called 'TMP Overwatch': 


    If you have played games in the past you may have seen it includes a feature on the game for the loyal and dedicated users, a feature which allows the player to look at reports in detail and to decide if the player should have action taken against them. Furthermore, CSGO has this option and only a select amount of players are giving this feature, the players have to have no previous ban records and no reports against their name. The over watch feature doesn't let ONE person vote against someone then they get banned, it would be an average vote from 10 people, then the decision will be made.   


    I strongly feel so many people are getting away with being either a troll on the roads or just being generally reckless. This new feature will also give the players experience, so then when Game Moderator applications open this will be an amazing point to write down saying they've worked in this unit before so they know what they're looking out for. 


    How the overwatch feature will work:


    This will be an invite only process. Requirements for this will be similar for the Game Moderator applications. The player needs to be active on forums and have over 1000 hours in game with a maximum of 3 bans. 


    There will be a tab displayed on the players TMP profile giving them access to reports which happen live, they will be given the footage from the game and the same report will be given to 5 overwatchers, they will then vote and write down their opinion to why the person should be banned.


    I strongly feel there isn't enough Game Moderators out on the road at certain times - However, this new feature will bring passionate players who may have inspirations to become Game Moderators in the future have the access to view footage and vote to decide if the person should have action taken against their name.image.png.3632ef8c2297f2bd93613d333dd3ec26.png 

    I'm not sure as I'm not a developer - However, I can imagine it looking a bit like this, having an option on the tab where its only visible for the people who have access to it. 


    As I have put this in the general discussion category I would love to hear your comments about this and if you feel this would be a good new idea in the TMP Community and if you would love to have access to this TMP overwatch platform. 


    For sure, if you have any further ideas to add then please write them below.


    Thank you very much ❤️

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  6. 5 minutes ago, MarkON said:

    Hello Dan

    I also look forward to this feature. A Search Bar on the TMP Tab 

    Community Manager has accepted a similar things this year. Look at these:


    MarkON (player-Veteran Driver)

    Ever so sorry for posting a similar idea, I did try and look to see if it had been done before but didn't see it aha! I was a bit surprised that it hadn't been put forward, I guess it has though. I can't wait for this to be a feature as it will make reporting people much easier. Have a good day Markon. 

  7. An Easier Way To Report In-Game Players 


    Good Morning All - 


    First of all, I'm sorry if this has been placed in the wrong category, I have been thinking about his new idea for a while and I really want to address it for you!


    Have you ever been driving before and you want to report a player, you have to try and find their ID before they drive off, then also press TAB and try and find their number? I have many times, and I never get around to reporting them and then they get away, its just not practical at all. Try doing it down the C-D Road, it just won't happen ;)


    Therefore, over the past couple of days I've wanted to come out with some new suggestions and ideas I can give to this awesome community, something easier to report players so we can reduce the amount of reckless players on the road.


    In the past I have said things like this in the past, however, I have a new idea - 


    A Search Bar on the TMP Tab 


    What will this consist of? 


    Having a the ability to search the players ID will be so helpful for every player out there. It will make life so much easier for the players to find the certain player they wish to report. Furthermore, when I'm trying to report players via the tab I find myself taking a long time and my driving becomes worse as I'm concentrating on the tab and not the road, I would pull over but I need to catch up to try and find the players ID.... 


    I did mention about 'clicking' on their truck in the past, that would be great but clearly not adaptable to insert into the MP - Therefore, a 'search bar' would be amazing.


    I really hope whoever views this can direct it into the right section as I believe its something that's doable. 


    If you agree with what I've said or if you don't then please write something in the comment section below, say why you think this could be a good idea or even a bad idea. Also, have you had experiences in the past where you take so long to find someones ID you end up losing it and then they get away?


    Thank you for listening, I hope everyone is staying safe - 


    See you on the roads ❤️



  8. Suggestion Name:


    An Easier Way To See a Players Current Ping or to access the Tab -


    Hello All,


    Suggestion Description:


    Over the past couple of days I have been coming up with new suggestions that could be rather handy for players in-game (American Truck Simulator & Eurotruck Simulator 2) on the TMP Servers.


    At times I believe that it can be hard to open up the Tab whilst you're driving if you need it. For example, you may need to open up the side panel to report someone but its not safe to pull over, or you need to check a players ID but they went past you too quickly, or even if you need to check a players ping to see if its safe to stay behind them as they could be lagging which may cause serious accidents and damage. However, it then suddenly blocks part of your screen, and you will need to use your mouse and bring up the cursor to click on the buttons, then if messes up your steering - Its just not practical.


    An Example:


    My main  suggestion is to see various icons where the players name/tag is. Obviously there should be an option if this goes ahead to add or to not have set 'icons' to the name. My main suggestion is to add the players ping next to their ID, so the other players when they're driving behind or even to the side of them can be aware if some expected lag might happen. This will lower accidents and damage on trucks too as it will be much easier for the players to understand if the person they're following is safe or not. Furthermore, it would also be good if the Name/Tag could be clickable, so if a player would like to report someone then they would just have to click the players name instead of clicking onto tab then finding the person, I think Game Moderators have something like this where they can click the player to highlight them if they need banning or kicking. 


    Example Photo:



     (Here is a rough example of what I mean - I would like to suggest an optional feature to players which would state a players ping and also have a clickable button on their name if someone would like to report them - It makes it so much easier and also not as time consuming).


    Within my example photo it includes a number '42' - This shows the players ping. In addition to that, it also has an icon which is an exclamation mark, this would be clickable. These are just optional features which the players could turn on if they wanted within the tab.


    Why It Should Be Added:


    Everyone has been behind someone who is lagging but you're not sure if its them or yourself, but then its in a busy place and you haven't got enough time or it isn't safe to concentrate by looking at the Tab - This makes it easier by always being there above the name. Also, everyone has been in the situation when someone quickly crashes into you then drives away or f7s quickly, but you don't catch their ID or name so you can't send off a report. However, this suggestion will make it so much quicker by the click of one button!


    This method of looking at the players ping or being able to do various things via clicking icons on the players name will reduce the quantity of accidents on the roads. Also, it will let people be able to report a certain person get reported quickly.


    Please feel free to post your opinions about this - I personally think it would make a great impact to the servers. It would be great to have Game Moderators opinions on this as well.


    Many Thanks,


  9. Which Truck would you use if you had to pick only one - 


    Hello All,


    Sometimes ETS can be realistic - However, on the other hand a lot of people have fortunes of money, and this results the in owning loads of Trucks, Trailers and Garages!


    Therefore, I've always wondered if I asked someone the question being: 'If you had to pick One Truck to use forever, which one would it be?' - I'd love to see your stated reasons and which trucks you'd use yourself.


    For myself - I think Scanias are 'over-hyped', even though they're really good trucks. I would probably go for a Mercedes, not an 8x4 though Kappa


    So let me see which Truck you'd use if you had to pick only one to use forever - If you want to go into detail then that would be great, If you say 8x4 though we will be having a serious talk.


    Make sure you take into account how much fuel they can in-take - Also if they're financially stable to operate forever.


    Many Thanks,




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  10. Introducing Myself- 


    Hello All,


    Personal Information About Myself:

    My name is Dan and I'm from England (South-west). At the moment I am 16 years old, however I will be turning 17 very soon, my birthday is: 26/01/2003. Last year I completed all my GCSEs with receiving surprisingly really good grades for myself. Since then, I am now at a Sixth-form studying 3 A-Levels which are: Psychology, Drama and Media. If you have any questions about this then please feel free to ask!


    Community Information:

    I found out about TMP in 2016 through many twitch streams, including Squirrels  - Honestly, I would probably be so bored without this amazing community... The more research I did into ETS the more amazing people I found along the way Including Nathan (Discord Admin at Truckers.FM) - Nathan was the first proper person from the community who I spoke to and this was when we were both not apart of TFM. Then Nathan started speaking to me about the Online Radio Station which I went on to soon join the discord, then later the team itself as a Presenter! Furthermore, In March it will be my '2 Year Anniversary' - Its been such a good experience. Also, after a year of being with them I applied to become a Station Moderator which I was successful at! Therefore, I'm still there working hard with the current position as a - Station Moderator.


    In total, I have around 1020 hours on EuroTruck Simulator 2 at the moment and I'm sure it will go up even more even soon with the amount of times I'm on that C-D Road, at least @-Zirox- gets happy when he notices me....


    Honestly, this community is amazing! Making so many great friends by going to events and also talking to them online. Since being more involved within the TMP Discord I have talked to so many good people like: @[WTLVTC] TheGoodGuy1515, @-Zirox-, @Callum S, @NeonLeon


    Also, from my past experience being able to speak to the amazing people in the community and also seeing some of them in person:

    @Krewlex, @courtz49, @Digital, @iHobbit, @Speedy_TMP and Many More!


    Future Ambitions Within the Community: 

    Even though I have a rather major role at Truckers.FM, I have always wanted to join the team here at TruckersMP! 


    Therefore, I would love to become a Game Moderator. On the other hand, If I had to work myself up the team by starting off as 'support' or to be part of the 'Media Team' Or 'Events Team' then I would. I've always wanted to become a Games Moderator as I see this as paying back my respect to the staff who have put in endless amount of time into the servers to bring the experience players want - So Thank You! 



    I'm sure a lot of people in this community have a bit interest in aviation, rather ironic...! I am currently training to receive my Private Pilots Licence at my local Airport - The busiest General Aviation Airport in the Uk ;) I am also documenting my progress on my YouTube channel - Due to everyone having a massive interest in aviation then you can go and check it out if you want: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyfZfCsevaahqFtk4wC2iwA?view_as=subscriber


    However, I would like this to turn into a job of mine. My dream has always been to become a commercial Pilot - I have started at the young age so then I can go off to to training at various airlines to get set licences.


    Other Games Which I Like to Play:
    First of all, someone needs to actually realise a good game as all the games I'm playing came out ages ago lmao...

    Obviously, I play that awful game - Eurotruck Simulator 2... But I'm into CSGO, GTA 5, American Truck Simulator, P3D/XPlane, Cooking Simulator (The best game, even beats Goat Sim), Planet Coaster and many More...

    If you have any suggestions to any new games for myself then please feel free to tell me about them!


    Current Jobs:

    At the moment I work at my local 'Escape Rooms' - Yes, its good fun. I get to trap people in rooms for one hour and watch them fail to get out, very amusing aha... I have done this since 2014. I am currently looking into other jobs and should be becoming a Barista at Costa Coffee rather soon.


    If you have any questions about my life then feel free to ask me. You can find me on discord or any other social media platform.


    Thank you for reading this, and I'm looking forward to reading everyone's 'Introduce Paragraphs'.


    Many Thanks,





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  11. Make Sure Each Ban Which Is In-Game Is Always The Same Length For Players 


    Hello All,


    I hope you're all doing very well - I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through the Forums with all the suggestions and points that have been made.

    Whilst doing that I have thought of some of my own which also help from other Forum posts that I have seen. Therefore, I'm just going to officially make this into a discussion. 

    My suggestion which I would like to express is to do with 'Ban Lengths' and how the the Game Moderators situate it.



     - I have noticed that each Game Moderator will ban someone and decide their self at times how long the ban-able player should get. I also understand how there are some set rules about bans and the lengths but it needs to be strongly introduced to the players. I feel like it should be made known to the players how long they will get for each offence that they make. For example, if a player causes a scene from overtaking when its not safe and they cause an accident which leads on to them getting banned the Game Moderator should give a punishment duration which other Game Moderators would of done. It is not fair if one person gets banned for 3 days, where as another player would get banned for one week. Furthermore, maybe the Game Moderator Leaders should come up with a Strict Set Rule Duration Planner.


    This may be a hard thing to implement into the servers and for the Game Moderators to understand. However, this means the punishments will be fair to all players. I have seen in the past players 'arguing' and 'moaning' when they get banned because they've been banned longer then their mate did when they did the same thing and they have the same amount of bans previously.


    Also, another point is that you should create a table (like the rough one below) and make it clear for the players. Maybe this could go on the website or the Rules when the game loads up. It will give the players a good understanding and they will realise what the punishments are for each ban, this could stop trolling too and for new players to understand the rules a bit better.


    Obviously, I understand that there will be times where a Game Moderator would have to bypass this scheme due to something going wrong but if the Moderators set the same ban length for each ban-able reason then there would be no reason for people to argue against it calling the sever 'unfair' and giving grief towards the staff. Furthermore, when a player gets banned they could be stated with the graph, and the admin selects which offence they have done and their duration. Therefore, its more clear and understandable.


    This means that fair punishments will be given out and each one is equal. Its very important!


    At times it would go against this system - But then the Game Moderators would take the report by their self and submit the right punishment if they're not sure.


    For example:

                                                     Unsafe Overtaking               Reckless Driving            Chat/CB Abuse             Blocking                     Hacking                       Other

    No Punishment History =            3 Days                                  3 Days                                 2 Days                 3 Days                    Perm (Depends)           Depends 

    One Previous Ban          =             3 Days                                  3 Days                                 2 Days                 3 Days                    Perm (Depends)           Depends 

    Two Previous Bans       =              7 Days                                  7 Days                                 7 Days                 7 Days                    Perm (Depends)           Depends 

    Three Previous Bans    =              1 Month                                1 Month                             1 Month              1 Month                  Perm (Depends)           Depends 

    Four or More Bans       =                3 Months                             3 Months                            3 Months           3 Months                Perm (Depends)           Depends 


    This table is only a rough sketch so you can understand my point more clearly. It features how long the ban should be if they have a certain punishment history - As you can see it clearly goes up in duration if they keep on failing to keep to TMP Rules. The ban duration's are not accurate, This is only for educational purposes for you to understand.


    I have not seen anything like this yet - This is why I'm introducing this and suggesting it! 


    Feel free to state your opinions about this - Furthermore, it would be great if some higher up staff including Game Moderators could express their opinion about this as well! Its hard getting your head around it , but I feel like it would work so much better.


    Please be aware that the graph will not be displayed properly if you’re on your mobile. 


    If you react then please tell me why you’ve decided to react with that certain emote.


    Have a great Night and also week- 

    Many Thanks,






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  12. Truckers.FM Partnership with TruckersMP


    Hello All,

    The big news is out then - TruckersFM have partnered up with TMP!


    Feel Free to read the Blog post which was created by Aestrial, it has full detailed information about it... 


    Its great news though, and It makes me proud to be a Station Moderator there. I can't wait for the exciting things that will happen in the future too!


    Actually, me and Skinner are live right now doing a joint show: http://truckers.fm/


    I hope to see you lovely lot on the roads (Usually CD If you know me) or even at future events including TFM 4.


    Many Thanks,


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