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  1. yes i checked it,and say that is linked with est2
  2. hello again and thanks for your interesting!!i went again to register and tell this Fix the errors below and try again Steam ID is already associated with an account and i dont know what to do,so i tried to download it without register and i went to download the game and when i went to install it have an error...and cant continue the installation i have my settings public thanks,i am sure that log in the correct account.. Dziada i didnt give you understand,i had not try on new account.. thanks guys again..but still cant have multiplayer..
  3. hello,i have played euro truck for lots of hours,i had the multiplayer but i bought a new pc and when i open chrome on new pc and went to register my acount it didnt,i have play many hours and i have all my settings privacy...why this happen and what i can do..
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