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  1. I like how challenging to drive in iceland with all the slippery and twisty roads. it's less boring. and it's beautiful, i enjoy driving in iceland while pulling 20+ ton!
  2. Like wow. As I am typing this, Sim 1 has over 3000 players and promods only 2773, it makes Promods server feel and look very empty.
  3. Double trailers will be a disaster..... Since there are many ppl can't drive and drive like an absolute idiot, I don't recommend double trailers. Also, look at how tight some corners is in Scandinavia!
  4. Yes, that happening to me as well, I mean I have lags and freezes but not as bad as in this version.. I hope they fix it ASAP.. http://stobarttrucking.com/trucknet/8282/5/signature.png
  5. Can you please fix the bug at europort? nc zone became a collision zone!
  6. Mod Version: 0.1.3 Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Weather problem. Windscreen remain dry when raining. How to reproduce: N/A Screenshots / Videos: N/A So I was cruising on the motorway and the sky was foggy and dark, it was nighttime anyway. It was raining and normally when it rains your truck's windscreen will get wet, but since I updated the mod I notice there are 2 types of weather, the 1st one is like snow, but not really snow as I don't have snow mod. It's like big pieces of white stuff falling, like frost, but this makes my windscreen wet like rain, but it's not actually rain, I don't know if it's rain or snow.. When it actually pouring down rain my wind screen remain dry, so basically I can drive in the rain without wipers. It's a strange bug... Does anyone have this problem? Sorry it won't let me post a screenshot because it says the file is too big
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