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  1. Are you looking for a nice group of ETS2 players? Come and join our team. Don't hesitate, we are friendly and helpful people. Please apply on https://fastcargovtc.com/joinus/
  2. Did you know that we are using an advanced job registration tool? You can keep track of all the jobs you did and you can spy on your colleagues to see what they are doing. Is this something you like? Join us and apply on https://fastcargovtc.com/joinus/
  3. We do also drive together with other vtc's. Good fun as well. You looking for a nice group to drive with then join Fast Cargo VTC
  4. We have an active community that's doing daily convoys. Interested in joining? Apply on https://support.fastcargovtc.com/index.php?a=add&category=3
  5. Hi TurklerRS, Thanks for showing interest in our vtc. We don't see any problems with the website (for now). Could you join our discordserver so we can discuss the application problem? https://discord.gg/7wfWS7B
  6. Hello truckers! Fast Cargo is still looking for drivers. Do you want to be part of our vtc? Fill up this application form --> https://support.fastcargovtc.com/index.php?a=add&category=3 Hope to see you soon!
  7. Hi guys, do you know that we have really pretty, custom made, skins for trucks and trailers? They are only available for Fast Cargo drivers. So if you wanna use them join us!
  8. Hi fellow truckers, I'm a driver at Fast Cargo for almost a year now and still having fun. It's a very nice and friendly community. We have a cool group of people from all over the world and ages somewhere between 16 and 60. Every day vtc members are driving together and chatting with each other.(teamspeak and discord) You wanna be part of our VTC? Have a look at https://fastcargovtc.com/join-us/ Hopefully we will see you soon
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