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  1. wolfrunner86

    How to tell if a mod is allowed in TruckersMP

    i am curious is using a double 53' aloud in ats mp. i have seen a few people with and wanna find out if it is aloud before me and a few priends do this
  2. wolfrunner86

    Pete 389 CB relocation

    Suggestion Name: Pete 389 CB relocation Suggestion Description: Move the peterbilt 389 CB location to above it where the cb is supposed to be. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because it looks bad plus when using hanging items its hard to hit buttons.
  3. wolfrunner86

    CB Radio Buttons

    it is a cool idea but in the mean time there are so many ways you can do this. i do it threw the steam controlls for my controller and logitech software for when i use my wheel
  4. wolfrunner86

    Custom skin's in MP

    Couldn't this be set up the way the dlc paint jobs load only for people who have them and all else just see the default color. and just have a location where anyone can place their skins with the name of their user id number for example.
  5. wolfrunner86

    cb toggle

    i would like to suggest that we can set a hot key to quickly shut off the cb for those (many) times when someone is screaming so we can quickly disable the cb instead of trying to reach for the kb and mouse and risk wrecking trying to shut the thing off.
  6. wolfrunner86

    Truckers.FM Sponsored Giveaway

    where is this question asked i didnt see anything ask me for this
  7. wolfrunner86

    Version Released

    are we going to see the ATS snow mod as well this season http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=202&t=202656&hilit=winter
  8. wolfrunner86

    How to take of speed limiter

    well b4 the update they were the same roughly 110kph 65mph so what do you mean by matched ets, its just lowered both of them
  9. wolfrunner86

    Save Editing - Discussion

    you could try this if its not to confusing
  10. wolfrunner86

    VTC - Advice (setting up one)

    my issue with the vtc sites that i have seen they are only set up to enter data in eur and kg which makes thing difficult for people who dont use that set up. i personally use eur and kg in ets and miles lbs in ATS
  11. wolfrunner86

    Truck Wraps

    if they could do something like how the official dlc's where just people with the same file can see it and everyone else would just see a generic paint.
  12. wolfrunner86

    How to take of speed limiter

    yeah but for some reason since the last update of mp external contracts are stuck at 55mph they used to be 65 and still are in singleplayer, dont know what happened but its rather annoying.
  13. To change your save profile name in ATS/ETS you will need to go into your C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\American Truck Simulator and open config.cfg in any text editor. search for save_format change the number to 2. launch the game load into the profile you are wanting the change into and then log out of it to cause an autosave. the make a new profile with the name you want to change the profile to. load the profile and do the intro delivery and close so it will auto save. you will need sii unlocker available here http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=164103 right click the .rar go to properties and unlock then extract to somewhere you will remember. go to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\American Truck Simulator\profiles and make a backup of the folders in there in case something goes wrong. now you will need to unlock 3 .sii per profile. profile.sii - info.sii - game.sii you do this by dragging the file into the scsc.bat that you extracted from the .rar. once they are unlocked open the profile.sii and look for profile_name this is how to see what folder is for which profile. now change the profile_name in the profile you want to change to what you named the new one. then search for user_profile copy the numbers after nameless. from the new profile to the old profile.sii. save the sii and close. open info.sii. look for the save_container line and copy the numbers from the new profile to the old one. save and close. now open the game.sii in the same folder and search for player: _ and copy the number from the new profile into the old profile. search for player : _ and copy the number from the new profile into the old profile. save and close. now delete all the files in the new profile folder and copy all the files from the old profile folder into the new one. launch the game and you should have both the old and new profiles listed. if anything is unclear please say so, better at talking than typing
  14. wolfrunner86 has been released.

    really enjoying ATS-mp
  15. wolfrunner86

    Rammers :P

    the forums don't really help when you are trying to play and some kid just wants to keep ramming you and the other person your with we even park on the side of the road for 5 minutes and he just kept ramming us, i reported him in game the person i was with was unable to. we wound up just quiting because even F7 out the person did the same thing and just kept harrasing. the funny thing is this only ever happens when we try to play on EU1, never had this issue on EU2 or US1