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  1. The bug is present here to we are being haunted by the Mp dev team
  2. Ad the mp client to the eclusions Ad the Mp client to the exclusions and problem solved or get better antivirus , my Eset Nod32 doesn't say anything
  3. Finally my prayers have been answered!!! Thank you guys for the great work
  4. Try to not customise your trucks in multiplayer and everybody will have a good time without crashing.
  5. The crash happens when somebody changes the paint on his truck inside the 500 meters range of you.
  6. I do not know why you guys have crash issues , my game runs just fine and the traffic lights are synced and working during the day time people why is so hard to understand this.
  7. Zalmolxis

    0.1.3 Alpha

    Enable Steam overlay. Be sure it's working by pressing shift + tab
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