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  1. 7 hours ago, Joao Rodrigues said:

    I think it mainly depends on the outcome of the action.
    If the player that overtakes cuts you in a way that your or another players vehicle is damaged, it will likely be banned (reckless driving).
    Also, if the player that overtakes cannot get back in lane and blocks (oncoming) traffic, it will likely be banned, too (blocking).

    Just recently, a player overtook me on the right side in the grass until he encountered a bridge railing. In his attempt to evade it and trying to get back on the street, he hit my vehicle and was banned accordingly for reckless driving.
    In my reports I describe such incidents as "inappropriate overtaking manoeuvre leading to a collision").


    Okay so is it safe to say it's okay to break the rules as long as i don't cause an accident?

    A report about constant music on CB got denied too, also not bannable.

    Wrong way driving without causing an accident seems to be bannable without causing an accident.


    It's not really clear.


    Would be nice to have this confirmation by an experienced game mod or so.

    Then i can discard some of my reports in the future.

  2. 11 hours ago, [VIVA] Arctic Wolf said:

    or passing someone in the grass in incoming traf


    11 hours ago, [WTLVTC] ismail [TR] said:

    Hello there buddy, @Evillian  


    Please let us know your question is answered :) 


    I understand it is a bit of a grey area?


    I almost got pushed off the road by somebody cutting line. While he was cutting line he was also blocking the other lane because he couldn't get completely between me and the guy in front of me. He did it a couple of times, one time over the grass.


    So i recorded it and made a report with 2 videos. The report was denied because it was not a bannable offence.


    That's why i like to know because making these reports is a lot of work. I think it's for the better that people know what they can do and what they can't. If you say that cutting lines and driving over the grass is not bannable then everyone will do it because they know there is no penalty. People keep driving like this if there is no consequence.

  3. - Overtaking at C-D road

    - Overtaking during traffic jam on C-D and cutting line.

    - Overtaking during traffic jam on C-D over the grass and cutting line.


    Are these not bannable offences?


    If not what is considered bannable? Only accidents?

  4. On 8/26/2018 at 1:59 PM, Prime said:

    Hello fellow truckers!


    The first Hot Topic ran for 2 weeks and many of you participated in the discussions obout the upcoming 1.32 release, now it is time to release a new discussion topic.

    For the next 2 weeks we will talk about something that many of you regulary see when playing online and often talk about many different topics: driving (and surviving) in some of the congested areas on the servers.


    How do you handle them? What do you think about people constantly driving in the same areas with half of Europe at your disposal? What do you think about the rules set out for busy areas (no overtaking, no beacons)?

    Discuss it all in this Hot Topic!


    People like to come together because its multiplayer. So i think it's okay that C-D is so busy.


    But i think the number of game moderators has to be multiplied at least by a factor 3. Not at once ofcourse because that wouldn't help the quality but increase the number slowly so new moderators get time to gain experience.


    I also think C-D needs a 80km/h cap. Which means there will be almost no overtaking possible anymore. At this speed it will be easier for keyboard drivers to keep the truck on their side of the road. A lot of accidents happen when oncoming traffic comes on your lane in a corner because they drive 150. Really dont get why people do 150 in a truck but... well... that's another topic.



  5. Why not remove the cars from the game?

    Everyone who drives a car seems to be a griefer.

    The cars weigh the same as a truck when colliding, not really fair.

    This is a trucksim and not a car sim.

    There is a (silent) server without cars but people want to play on #2.

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