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  1. Hallo,


    das kommt immer darauf an welche Zeitzone du auf der Website eingestellt hast. Ich kann dir aber sagen, dass in deinem Fall die deutsche Zeit gemeint ist.




  2. Die kannst du selber ausstellen. Drücke Tab -> rechte Maustaste -> Zahnrad (Einstellungen/Settings) -> entferne den Haken bei Season Effects 

  3. Suggestion Name: Autokick if you use your horn more than 5 seconds continously

    Suggestion Description: If you use your horn more than 5 seconds, you will get automaticaly kicked. Maybe there should be a message before the kick so that they can stop it before the kick. If you stoped your horn there should be a cool down for at least 20 seconds to prevent horn spam.

    Any example images: N/A

    Why should it be added?: A lot of people are spamming with their horn in the game. It is very annoying and bad. Most of them don´t care about that and keep spamming their horn also if you told them to stop it.

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