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  1. Hey guys! Am I allowed to choose an own designed trailer (for example with my name on it) in Truckers MP? For questions just answer! Thanks.
  2. Now my question is answered. Thanks to everybody helped me!
  3. Am I allowed to escort my friend with a pilot car and turned on yellow light? Even if it's just one friend? And is it permissible for me, if he has taken a wrong turn and he would otherwise be mistakenly a ghost driver, to put me briefly in a lane, so that he can safely turn back? Although a lane would be blocked by me, but other drivers could overtake me on other lanes. That would clearly serve the safety of my friend, but also the other drivers, who would use different lanes and not get into him. If you have any questions please write back, I will gladly answer. Greetings, FgGras
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