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  1. help, https://imgur.com/a/bASI36v the message popup before i login to truckersmp, problem only occour in multiplayer, yes i bought the dlc, already verfiy integration, already link game dlc 2 steam, already public profile, already re-install truckersmp, still, still no result help
  2. Yea, after i bought the DLC {in my first account (which is my brother account)} theres a msg popup, saying sync-ing DLC Italia, and Wheel Tuning Pack (or something like that i forgot) and yes i bought the wheel tuning pack the same time as Italia, but Italia is working and i can see the map in MP, but i cant find wheel tuning pack in my 2nd account (yes i already bought wheel tuning pack in my 2nd account) but weirdly, my 2nd account doesnt receive a popup msg, instead there a msg saying "DLC Incompatible, please verify steam integrity files, so i did, but it doesnt work, i ask my friend in my VTC, he said go to steam>steamapps>common>ets2>wheeltuningpackdlc.scs delete that .scs, so i did, but still no result
  3. i can't use wheel DLC in multiplayer, but in singleplayer i can. Heres the list of thing i did to fix this problem: 1. when i login in mp theres a popup msg saying the dlc is not compatible, please verify the integrity file (ore something like that) so i did that, validated 100% still no result| 2. I asked to a support and create a ticket, theres a support answered and told me to create new profile, i did, nothing change 3. i deleted wheel_tuning_pack dlc .scs because my friend in VTC told me to do so, so i did, still no change 4.tried install and uninstall again the dlc, no result (download and re download too) 5. i already listed the DLC to truckersmp.com, no result please tell me how to work it, i wanna play ets2mp with the dlc. P.S: i already bought it in steam P.S: i also have 2nd account that have this dlc but i dont thing that doesnt mean anything to my 1st account. P.S: fore runner have nothing to do with this problem big thank for reading this, i hope u can help me and solve this problem :smiley: thanks
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