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  1. Considering i driver a volvo 780 irl and been in and trained in many frieghtshakers including the cascadias ill take a volva over a frieghtshaker any day of the week lol but if I had the money i would for sure go with a kw w-900 full owner op package with a kitty cat 18 speed with a posaible twin turbo set up but realistically and finacially i will go with a volva 780 or the new 860’s fuel efficiency is nice and less shop time compared to the cascadias etc but thats just me lol
  2. I am just curious when the next game mod recruitment will roughly be as a IRL long haul truck driver who enjoys simulation games and been playing ATS for over a year now would love to try and get on that team any rough guesses would be appreciated thanks!
  3. been scowering the internet for this mod can not seem to find it any help with this would be awesome! thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Anyone know how much longer the ATS US server will be down for? I can not seem to find anything to find any answers
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