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  1. Be nice to player? How about be patient on the road.
  2. Thanks Mike Dragon! Here is the reason why im asking about this. A month ago, I was reported the player in the video who rammed me, but got declined and keep saying the accident is on me, coz im didnt slowing down and let him cut in. So what make me confused is am I the only option to aviod the accident? He totally can slow down and get back to the lane wait for the chance or just follow cause im not driving slow like 90km/h... In my view, when I'm doing overtake, and I recognize that player didnt slowing down and not letting me in, I will slow down and get back to the lane, I never force anyone to let me overtake.
  3. What if I didnt slow down and dont let those players cut me off, but I'm driving normal and stable, am I facing a ban or a trial?
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