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  1. Green079

    Thoughts On New Update

    In my opinion, maybe the 110km/h speed limit can only valid in full C-D. I am a highway and long trip player, 110km/h is little be killing my mood.
  2. Green079

    Do you slow down, when you are being overtaken?

    Be nice to player? How about be patient on the road.
  3. Green079

    Favorite truck brand poll

  4. Green079


    Thats true. And I'm always wondering why TruckersMP are allowing player to edit the truck handling / trailer extremely stabilizing or trailer weight etc.. Coz I think this is the main reasons why there are so many trolls and accidents in EU2.
  5. Green079

    Truck or car?

    Same thought as you.
  6. Green079

    Truck or car?

    Truck, actually I don't agree that skoda should be able to drive in this game.
  7. Green079

    How many reports you guys have on the website?

    Please don't blame the victim, peoples love driving on C-D, because peoples love to playing together, thats why we're here playing MP mode, but this doesn't mean players deserve to be troll or have a bad gaming experience. There nothing wrong with reporting people if some player really trolling or driving like crazy, this is a driving simulator, record and report just like dash cam in real life driving, nothing wrong with that. I know there are some admins or some kind of manager thought that the player who got huge numbers of report as a trouble maker or mocking them as "wannabe admins". Well, I totally don't agree with that, there are reason why the report system exist.
  8. I can't see there are anything wrong with recording and report. It still a driving simulation, surveillance is part of driving, just like dash cam in real life driving. The server rules is protecting player from reckless driving, trolling or cheating etc... and recording and report is the player rights. It's wired, as a manager of TruckersMP, keep ridicule players who using report system as "wannabe admins", just like the judge ridicule peoples who using the law. However, I think the problems is there are too many player didn't following the server rules, too many reckless driving on the road, maybe what you guys need to do is figure out how to guide the player to following the rules to reduce the accident rate rather than blaming the player who recording and report.
  9. Awww you so nice. But...really? I still remember that you said the people who driving and rec on C-D is looking for trouble n report, and you named them as "wannabe admins".
  10. Green079

    New Game Mode

    Good for EU1.
  11. Thanks Mike Dragon! Here is the reason why im asking about this. A month ago, I was reported the player in the video who rammed me, but got declined and keep saying the accident is on me, coz im didnt slowing down and let him cut in. So what make me confused is am I the only option to aviod the accident? He totally can slow down and get back to the lane wait for the chance or just follow cause im not driving slow like 90km/h... In my view, when I'm doing overtake, and I recognize that player didnt slowing down and not letting me in, I will slow down and get back to the lane, I never force anyone to let me overtake.
  12. What if I didnt slow down and dont let those players cut me off, but I'm driving normal and stable, am I facing a ban or a trial?
  13. Green079

    How many reports you guys have on the website?

    How do you identify peoples are intent on spamming report system or not? I can't see there are anything wrong if someone got huge number of C-D reports.