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  1. Hello all Just to ask I heard something about driving buses in ETS2 just wanted to know how do you do that, as I've seen people driving buses on it. Or am I mistaken Thanks all
  2. no didn't work 4 files failed to validate and says will be reacquired. Any one else know Regards Nettie
  3. Hi would like to ask ? I'm having problem installing new version Beta 1.33 so I tried to use Temporary version 1.33 instead see attached file below This is what it said I'm a bit confused as to what to do to play ETS Multiplayer... Regards Nettie
  4. What... Well there we go Iv'e been thinking that I had to go to 12 Different Countries ..... lololol Gosh thanks for the info Mentos68 I can never find information on these Events on this site so that I know what to do well I hope I got it on time thanks
  5. Hi all ...... I have so many problems with this game but never mined try try again as they say lol..... Anyways I've done 11 of the events and I cant go to a country that I haven't done there is no more jobs....And yes I have reset my Truck a few times now..... but what can I do, it ends tomorrow.... These are the places I've been too Belgium France Switzerland Italy Austria Slovakia Poland Sweden United Kingdom Netherlands Norway wwwaaaaa Please someone........can someone be kind and help out.... please have mercy on another Truckee Female Player......
  6. This worked great thanks for Topic from Craigals .... Thanks [SK] - Ter*Knight
  7. Hi All Again lol ..... Iv'e done 8 jobs for the Event Sart your Engines but I have been finding it hard to find any jobs for this event now. Has this been a problem with other drivers ..... Cheers all
  8. Hi..... Um just want to know why my sounds are not working in game is there a key I can press to get it working..... Cheers
  9. I need to know whether I can get my money back for this job that I did wow I hope they can see there way to give it to me ..... It said I was late but I don't understand that because I was doing like 135klm hour all the way for this job http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067115370/screenshot/921428372494365326 But at the time just before I got to the destination I did go to the repair shop and repaired there truck. Very sad Anyone know Cheers Nettie
  10. I did That ........But I still don't have connection ..... I went to section on left of main menu in ETS2 and clicked, "World of Trucks Connection is Lost". Then it comes up with the message ...Photo Below .....Don't know what else to do Thanks Nettie
  11. Hi all ... Um I have a problem........... The game comes up with an error and it says I have a new version installed on my ETS2 and ATS which I did downloaded this afternoon. So what do I do. I can play single Player but Id want to play Multiplayer ... would anyone know how I can solve this......Thanks heaps Note: I have a steam account
  12. Sorry I miss read what you asked. Here is the screen shot of the main screen where it should indicate that I have a mission still (but i don't) And here is a screen shot of what happens when i try to get another mission. Unsure of what is going on. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. No No screen shot Just going to start game again and I will see will let you know give me a sec
  14. no nothing there might be hacked ide say anyway ill try again
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