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  1. @[SCO] rápido amigo pero lo que yo quiero saber es si se puede cambiar el nombre que viene en los trailers por defecto, cambiar trameri por otro nombre eso es posible es lo que no me quedo muy claro eso me pueden ayudar?
  2. Es cierto que puedes poner cualquier pintura en el trailer del camión para el MP. Quiero saber que si me ayudas, por favor, para saber si puedo crear un mod y usarlo en el MP sin recibir Ban o Kick gracias
  3. Wow que bonito es Francia Me quedare a Vivir por Aquì 

  4. Friend more than 15 days ago my friend was banned with the same video of which the moderator explained that he should not go head-to-head against the other vehicle since that is punished as an intentional crash that depending on your infractions will punish you and So it has happened to many people, with the new rules everything is clearer but in the MP there will always be troll people who want to harm the community and we who always respect the rules and others will always be exposed to punish us or kick us in the server that we are that is offensive but coming to the subject of the reports that is why they are recruiting since there are not enough moderators for so many reports have experience and everything will be solved I assure you
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