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  1. Hi, all I wanted to do is edit a bit of money in. So I downloaded the save editor and transferred 2Mio to my account to buy some trucks. It did work and I didn't experience any issues. However: Now when I finish a job and park the trailer, the game crashes. It's when the window with the resume of the job is supposed to appear, the game freezes. So I have to ctrl-alt del and sign out to close the game. I reverted back to an untouched save and the issues gone. Something must have gone wrong in the editing process, but all I did was change the amount of money. Any ideas? I don't have the time to grind for money in that game, I really just play for plain fun and nothing else, so having plenty of in-game money would make me enjoy the game 1000 times more, but having the game crash after each job is not preferable either... Hmm
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