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  1. Thank you all for the lovely participates today in our Haul with Forza Event. I had a blast seeing new VTC with such beautiful trucks scattered around the city of Mannheim. We hope that everyone had a fun time without any interruptions. Big thank you to @TFM DJ ccowie  for attending the Event as our TMP Staff helper and members from participating VTC's helping us with Convoy Control. If you would like to leave Feedback on todays Event on how we can improve our next monthly convoy, please contact me via Discord. 



    Forza Trucking Event Manager

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  2. Hello,


    Can we get a little more detail about your issue. Are you referring to your TruckersMP account or something else & what exactly are you trying to do?


    This information would help me and others understand your prospective so that we can help you.

  3. Hello,

    have your friend tried to troubleshoot his/her internet connection? Follow the steps below;

    - Go to your PC settings
    - Click on the search bar and type "troubleshoot settings"
    - Click "additional troubleshooters
    - Click "internet connections"
    - Click "run the troubleshooter"

    Hopefully this solution helps your friend. 

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  4. Hello,  


    I'm sorry you're each experiencing such issues. I would like to recommend running TruckersMP as an administrator. 


    How to run TruckersMP as administrator?

    - Right click on TruckersMP 

    - Click run as an administrator 


    I would also recommend following through with some YouTube videos for help. Here's an example of one video.  Please check the written comments first in case you are worried if the video is not going to help. 




  5. Hello,



    They are DLC from steam that you can locate on the ETS2 store page of steam. However, they do cummed at a price, good luck.  







    - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack

  6. Hello, 


    Have you tried reinstalling TruckersMP? 


    I have two possible solutions; 

    - Start TruckersMP as an administrator

    (Right-click on TruckersMP application, click Run as administrator)

    - Trouble Shoot TruckersMP and then run as administrator

    (Right-click onbTruckersMP application, click troubleshoot)


    Let us know if this works for you! 

  7. Hopefully, everyone has been made aware of this convoy, the date has been changed to the 26th of June. Please review all information posted above to gather an understanding of where the convoy starts/ends. If you have any questions in regards to this convoy you can message me on Discord!



    Forza Trucking Event Manager (Discord: Angel.#8311)


  8. While having Discord open on your PC and TruckersMP, you can open Discord by 2 ways.


    1) Press " ` + shift" to pull up Discord app.

    2) "shift + tab" and move the mouse towards the screen youd like to open and click Discord. 


    Hopefully these solutions works. 

  9. Hello, 

    Have you tried running TruckersMP  through troubleshoot / trouble shoot your internet connection? 

    - Right click on TruckersMP application
    - Click troubleshoot 

    Internet connection
    - Go to your windows settings 
    - Click update and security 
    - Click troubleshoot 
    - Click "internet connection"
    - Then click "run troubleshoot"

    After doing one of this solutions, try loading up TruckersMP as administrator, hopefully this works.

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