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  1. Hello, i explained my self on this suggestion topic but im here to ask you guys what to you think about banning time Link : So i explained my self, i really think months of ban is useless, it will just let people forget how to drive properly and get banned again and again.. Plus i think that banning should be done only if it is for real causes like insulting people, blocking intentionally people, ramming into everyone again and again not for simple accident or inapropriate overtaking I know here a lot of people like the system because they are really good drivers and they want to defend the mods, but im not here to criticize the mods, just here to criticize the rules..
  2. Hello everyone i hope you will all pass a good new year For days and days i was thinking about "Why i am banned, why i must wait 3 months just because i rammed into someone ?" And i came with the conclusion that banning reasons and time are totaly useless ! I explain myself, generaly when you come on truckersMP you aren't a very good Trucker, it means that you will do lot of damages on other players trucks... You will be banned for 1 months very easily adding to your ban history the first rock of the monument But first why one month ? that's totaly useless because first, the other players trucks that are now damaged will be easily repaired, everyone has lot of money on this game, that's not like if we are all farming everyday to repair our trucks... Moreover by banning a new player he might leave simply the game and never come back.. but if he comeback he will need to learn again how to drive after that month of inactivity he will play good for weeks but unfortunatly for this player after 50 hours of good services on the game or 3 weeks IRL he will do a small mistake, he was at 130km/h and he caused a small accident and he blocked few players for like 3 minutes... Unfortunatly for our player someone was recording, leading to a 1 Month ban just for 5 minutes of disagreement for other players on 50 hours of good driving One month later the same thing happen, on the C-D Road he got banned because of his brake, he didn't braked at the good time and caused damages to few players.. Or sometime he was playing at night and he was sleepy, he rammed into another truck coming in front of him.. He always asked to mod on ban appeal to be kind but they said "Due to history and lake of proof your ban will not be deleted..." This player understood that ban appeal will not help him so he asked to the feedback some help, people said that the feedback unbanned people easily.. "Due to history......." Ok our player is now banned one month But he came back, and again he got banned but now 3 month ! :D You understood this player is me, but this player is also a lot of people on this game who are just here to play, have less stress, forget about work, life, family, and every of these problems, we are not here to play like a pro, we do not all have 1000$ PC We do not all have steering wheel, we are the majority of the player Yes i can understand and i am the first to be tired of players who rame into other players but i am also understanding that this is not a real problem, i have so much money, i can repair my truck everytime i want the most important is to play, to stay in front of my laptop for hours when i am sick or tired of work I don't think banning people 1 month is good, it's too long first, and you forget your drive skills too easily !! Most importantly accident are happening everytime to everyone, if you play for days like a pro but just at one moment you did someting wrong why are you banned ? The most of the time you are a good player, no one care about you but when you do an accident you are banned directly Banning people is good, but just if they cheat, are insulting people or intentionaly blocking players on C-D road for exemple, do not ban people for something they didn't want to do Im sorry but everyone is driving at 150, everyone is overtaking unproperly, if we ban people for month the game will be empty We need to accept that the game is a GAME not a strict real life simulator, if it was that no one would love to play, if we play here and go to C-D road for exemple this is to play with players, we all know there is accidents here and we go there for that, we all want to be surprised, and this is what make the game funny Honnestly banning people for just few days is enough, i truely love to play on TruckersMP especially on winter, but i am banned until 21 december, and now i fear to play, i want to play but i fear to do a small accident and be banned for 5 month or more do you understand now ? Any exemple image : None Why should it be added : Please, for the TruckersMP community, banning people this long isn't usefull, it will never stop me to do accident sometime, i will always ram into a player 3 times a week, and i do not want to be banned just for this when you see that at the end i am a pretty good trucker, errors happen to everyone, stop banning us, that's a vicious circle, you ban people, they come back, they do an accident in 3 weeks of game, you ban them again and again and again until they are definitly banned Thank you everyone, i love the work of mods, i like them they aren't bad people, i just disagree with the rules
  3. Hello, I asked to the staff in the Feedback if a can be unban because the ban appeal didn't work for me, but I did the feedback the 16 July and now it is the 23, i don't know the system, is it normal to wait all this time because of the heavy work ? Did i something wrong and the feedback doesn't appear to you ? That's the first time i use the Feedback so i really know nothing Thank you all for your help ! And have a nice game
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