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  1. I love Scania but, i prefer Volvo
  2. A road where there is a traffic divider in the middle!
  3. These are "random events" and trust me they are a risk in multiplayer, I strongly suggest you disable them.
  4. I prefer the double trailer, but i like both too
  5. Simok


    Remember, ETS is a game of trucks and not cars. And then the skoda was created by TruckersMP so I do not think they will do DLC.
  6. Simok

    coca-cola trailer

    For me it would be really nice, if it were added, all those lights, wow
  7. Un C-A-P-O-L-A-V-O-R-O XD Da ban, io metterei anche la skin della polizia tanto che ci sei xD
  8. 5 euro for what? For 2/3 trailers? no thanks
  9. Simok

    private server

    It won't happened
  10. I love all DLCs but the best is SCANDINAVIA
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