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  1. Banana don't waste your time. These guys are very unprofessional and some are trolls. They will ban you in the most generic way. Plz push them in the forums as hard as you cvan these guys are very bad admins. 

  2. We need to talk VIA voice chat cuz we have a language barriier. Lets stop this text tag and text box trolling me. I got 1 left and It's been 70+ days. I just wanna talk man you already had 3 mods leave youir team cuyz of this very situation.

  3. Where are you?

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      Waiting for a response. Been waiting 8 days for some help.



      I need you guys to understand that my hours are different then yourtsd . You guys are making it very difficult to communicate with you. Everytime you get off I get on. I can't leave work to talk to you. I need someone to help me for christ sake. Im having trouble getting in touch with admins as we keep playing text tag. I can't stay and wait for you guys I have no days off anymore sinc I blew so much money. Can you guys plz help me out for christ sake. It's been 15 days since this started and I never got any help from the get go.

      Plz respond I have to work in a couple of hours. I won't be around to reply until the next day. plz respond. If you respond I won't be able to respond until this same exact time. Im tired of this time mishap.



      You guys are gonna have to do better then this. You can forum ban me for looking for help. You can IP ban me to hide the fat that you guys are racially doing this and you can Support ban me. But you can't stop human justice. Not what you guys did.

      Either you guy fess up to treating me racially and discriminating me or illl take this to a whole new levcel. I lost my job so Igot forver until I run out of money. ppl keep fukin me over so you guys are gonna be my example. Not gonna let you guys get away with this.


  4. Just wanna see ppl play online. Spent over 400 to do. But I sold my old guitar and rented a apartment to play the game again. Need some help doing it. Idk if I can use my same PC to play. My truck is already there at the apartment. So if someone tells me I can't I can drive back to this place. And just watch someone else drive to them.
  5. Stream it I wanna see how they look in online with players. Can't wait. Waited long time for this. Very long time. Can't wait for someone to stream it.
  6. We need more feeds. I wanna get my 400 bucks worth of ETS2 today. Someone get on the germany event and try to meet my friends on the event. I wanna see. Gotta got my overtime of 30+ hours of prepping for a day off for nbtohing guys. Cmon help a person out and let a man dream for once in his life! And make it 1080P So I can go fullscreen and imagine its me. Or just drive around ETS2MP or something.
  7. I think my ISP is blocking my reports. I need to get in touch with TFM DJ ccowie plz.
  8. I hate the ppl who reports simple mistakes or lag. Like when I see someone parked on the side, but somehow I hit them as they are on the road in their screen. Wish these guys would upgrade their PCs.
  9. Ppl do that all the time. I recorded but never say it. But it sucks when ya get banned for a lag bump Xp.
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