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  1. Every time I complete a job, it tells me I'm late and it took 1000+ hours to complete the job, and then I have no jobs available. I do not own a truck. Every time I have to enter my config folder and reset the economy just to make jobs appear again. What is the issue now? I have had so many problems with this game since I got it 2 days ago I cannot even count.
  2. I have literally looked everywhere and cannot figure out how to install the winter mod for multiplayer. I have american truck simulator. I have uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, and even reinstalled TruckersMP and there is literally no where on my game or launcher that says download winter mod. Does it even exist anymore? If I go to mod manager in-game it just says there are no mods found. I tried downloading the winter mod from some other website and placed it in my mod folder but it still says no mods found. I literally have no clue what to do. Please help.
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