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  1. Well that would be great and all IF there was a arcade for ATS on a US server BUT there isnt.....so your argument is invalid thank you and good night.
  2. So i see that now that this ridiculous speed limiter is in place (45mph city) 81mph overall, that the servers are now DEAD....tons of people played before this and now its a ghost town. So what people broke the "limits" it happens but some of us were still decent about it and drove safe around others and announced our intentions of passing. It was even a rule for our company to do that if you were running fast. now you cant even get a decent run at a mole hill. At least give us a MP server with no limits...and yes i know all of you "its a simulation" well guess what its also a game that was fun with this mod till a few ruined for all of us. Bring back higher speeds please or at least give us that like to actually run a server of our own.
  3. seems that since the 1.32 update and us of the North American server having to be forced once again to play on the EU server there is a severe abundance of speed hackers....and by this i mean I can run at 100mph and get my doors blown off by another driver that 9 out of 10 times is Russian. And I know you are going to say "well wheres your proof? do you have video" well no not every person can take the time or effort to record every living moment of their driving. It just seems that nobody cares that people are still running others off the road and blatantly hacking the game. So it would be nice to have our US server back because there was way less problems there.
  4. so what about us who cant connect due to a high ping rate that seems a bit harsh doesnt it
  5. so i just recently got back to the game after being gone for a few months and noticed that the ATS server for the US is down whats going on? i cant connect to the europe servers my ping is to high
  6. i am having the same issue with Mp it had a update so i downloaded it but now it says i have the wrong version and i cant find one that works to roll back to
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